Friday, 12 October 2012

Dawn Weaver's Dancer is missing

Please Help Dawn find her dog Dancer
Dancer went missing whilst out walking in Weymouth, Dorset, UK

Follow link for picture of wee Dancer
Lets find her for Dawn xxx

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bungalow For Sale - Cornwall

contact us through the youtube site or here if require further details.....

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The last post.....

I think it's time for the farmer to cut the grass.....

Wet Harry...

Spot the dog.....

New rubber coated dogwalk....

Think this is the last post.

Eventually I will start a new blog, when I'm ready as it's been a pleasure to do and keep my friends and family up to speed in what's been happening here at "The Pit", but it's time to move on..... seems we have had quite a following and your not all family! Great having you pop in and comment... I wont delete this blog... just let it stay..... Thanks for all your support.. see you around the "agility circuit".....

Come and meet Red, Buzz, Harry, Mindy and Sennen in real life....

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Harry 20th may.

Here's Harry video from the weekend, I get in his way a lot too, must sort that out, all those silly front crosses, anyway I left plenty of places where he could have been beaten.... But no one stepped up today, so Handsome Harry came home with the winning spot.. he's my soul dog... whether he does agility or not, such a special dog too... he leaves a trail of broken hearts where ever he goes........

Mindy first full height.

Well here's Mindy at her first show back on full height, as you can see I'm rather rusty at working her, places I would have got with Harry, even after her accident I cant get with Mindy, I really must do more work with her training, so we are 11 months on from her accident, a dog that was paralysed on three legs, who had to learn to walk again, go to the loo standing up, eat a bone again, to learn how to trot and run free with her friends... she is one very special little dog who against all the odds proved everyone wrong...
I know some people would not have spent the hours of physio we did, the hours of searching through the net to find exercises that could help strength this and that part of her body, to finding people that weren't too far away to help, from the vets who operated on her at Exeter, to our own vet, who taught me so much on how to care for her at home, so she didn't have to stay in the vets, to the water tread mill, to ttouch, to herbal this and that to add to her food, to chiropractic, to all sorts of hands on healing things, to canine remedial massage, all of which I have come to learn about and some of the people that we have met have become very good friends along the way, Mindy and I cant thank you all personally but you can be sure you all have played a part in her recovery, especially our friends.

Mindy has changed to a very loving young dog that can cope with being touched and takes most things in her stride. So a big THANK YOU to one and all xxx

This blog has been such a part of my life and my way of talking about how I feel, with how things are going on with them all etc. I think I would have lost the plot without.....
and maybe one day, I'll write that book I have always dreamed of doing!


Well Sennen has done 4 kc shows now and I hadn't got any videos of her runs, she's had a 1st, 2nd and 6th - at Worcester in a jumping class with a blip!! so she is fast enough to compete against the collies, that's one thing I have no feeling of how fast or slow she is, she just "Is" if you know what I mean.
Any way a friend managed to film this one of her jumping class from Sunday, poor girl hits the tunnel hard and takes the tunnel straps of the tunnel which unfortunately is not corrected by ring party before she goes back in for the second attempt and she got caught between the bungee and rubber strap and the force brings her out on her side... apart from that I just drop my drive arm for the tight turn and then she tells me off!
I didn't run her in the steeple chase as her leg was soar from the twang of the bungee still, but we ran the agility at the end of the day and I so wish I had that on video, it was our first "Zone" run and was amazing, she got the weave entry and I crossed behind but really close against the weaves and that phased her and she came out, but boy was that a good run.....

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunday walk and Cycle ride!

The photos are all arse about face!
so it's the cycle ride first and the last photo first! Meet Ned, well that's what he told me his name was... Now Ned and I hit it off straight away... haven't stroked a pony for ages... we shared my banana, well really I've not stroked a horse/pony since I sold mine when I was 16/17 before I started to go out to work, think it was about then. Actually that's not quite right as I worked a further 3/4 years with horse, from race horses, to brood mares, to hunters, to trekking in Portugal and trekking at Abbotsbury, Dorset... so I must have been about 19/20 when I last rode and mucked out etc... But Ned is special, not sure why he just is, hopefully I will meet him again on my next ride around....

These ponies are used to control the ground - moorland on Goss moor, one of the many walks around here.. except I cycled the route, it's only 7 miles, but I cycled from home to the start of it at Screech Owl Sanctuary, so maybe it was 8/9. I took a packed lunch and left Ian back home working with a friend..
Ned's second in command...

The Heard..

My Bike propped up next to a bit of bog!

A Bog! the wild life was amazing the butterfly are out, lots of different colours, I really should take a book next time and look them up...

First thing Sunday morning, I walked the dogs, in my favourite place in the world a wood, always loved woods and want one day to live in one, with a bit open so I can fit the agility equipment in of course!

Have you ever tried walking some of the runs that the animals have walked, just close your eyes and walk slowly with your feet and feel the twigs, grass either side of your feet, something I used to do as a kid but had forgotten until recently.... you really get to feel the ground ... sigh

Mindy would have made a great "Gun dog" Here she is doing the pose after hearing a pheasant in the distance.... whilst standing on a log!

the only shot of all of them in front of me, mooching along...

Oh and this one...

Monday, 14 May 2012

W.A.O Team Aussie!

Megan and George and Jules (all the way from Australia) with "Lara's" Magners, although I don't have any pics from today's training session of Jules with Magners, but I think Lara has some video clips, which may get up on the WAO facebook page!... they both were introduced to Cornish Mizzle and the Cornish Pasty... Guess which one they liked the most?

See George can wait! Although much faster if he doesn't.....

On your marks.....

Walking the course, Megan came with courses she wanted to try, so we did quite a few course changes and then I added a twist to them all... nasty weave entries and through gaps and around the backs off jumps or tunnels to different things...

So I think we covered lots of different angles.. different style lead outs which suited which dog etc...

and amazingly both dogs stayed focused, although I did take all 5 of mine to wind them up and do some of the courses and Lara had a spare two too....

I personally think it is really brave running someone else's dog that you've not run before, to gain a bond with them and actually work as a team but by the end of today, both girls had their boys sorted... Well I think so, so just to add a big "wish them luck and fun for the next few days competing..." and hopefully someone will be able to keep us posted on the facebook page...

Sunday, 13 May 2012

"Sennen's" running aframe

well just a few running A frame, still not the two strides I have trained but consistency is getting better, nice and deep on the contact area in all bar one, so judges can see...!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Mindy" full height!

Well here she is.. back on full height, I'm trying not to watch her but work her, it's so hard... anyway sent this clip to Nikki Mindy's Massage hero at to see how she's doing and anything else I can do for her.... we had done a warm up routein before she starts this, fig of 8's and circles and she had done her own off lead warm up of, chase the dog that's walking along the footpath outside the fence, you can still hear that dog barking as she goes into the weaves, she really wants to chase that dog and do the weaves!

Oh and you get a glimpse of my new hair cut, as I forgot to tie it back out the way, so I keep fiddling with it!

Not much else to say, getting nearer to Mindy full height show, exciting and nervous all at once, I just got to handler her right and it will all come together.
Sennen worked well at the show on Monday with gun shots, thunder and heavy rain for most of her runs, no clears but really nice e's, I like e's... she is getting faster and now is looking for her toy when she has finished.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Photo's from the weekend

I really Love this photo of Mindy and I, Mindy had a great weekend, getting her first placing in anysize against the big dogs, 55 dogs in the agility (A frame lowered twice) she came 3rd! and 9th in the jumping against 75, she is just so happy at the moment and that makes me very, very happy
Sennen had her first Kc shows this weekend and came home with her first trophy a 2nd!!!!! in g3 agility, 145 in the class but I am sure they weren't all there as the weather wasn't the best! It was a beautiful run but I did have a plan that I would let her take the corners on her own, as I really have no idea how fast/slow she is compared to other dogs and I am so glad I did as she was less than a second behind the winner, she has cracking weaves and can turn on a 6pence when I get my timing right along with her running A frame, her first run should have be given 5r but judge was feeling nice, the jumps where so close together Sennen could hardly get out of a trot.. but hey she waited on the start line, kept all the poles up and did her first push through, haven't taught her that either!

Harry's such a fun happy dog too, I loved this run although I don't think Lisa Hughes the judge did as, that's Harry best mate and he will as proved that day do anything to say hello! he launched off the down plank of the dog walk, it was funny he suddenly slowed down across the top and I looked back to see him air sniffing and off he ran to say hello, came back and did a stonking round after that, as you can see by mine and his face, it didn't matter, agility is meant to be FUN!

Monday, 30 April 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Miss Mindy

What an amazing year we've had together, such a little super star, thank you to all her fans out there that have made this past year so very special for us both, no names needed as you know who you are xx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

what's blogger up too

don't know what's happening to the "Blogger" it's doing silly things today, so I might not be able to post this so I'll keep it short!      Poor Harry great photo from Emma, she's really good at taking photos.. Nikki recons he's saying "what ever" think she could be right! but I know really it was because I didn't tell him to turn left until he was in the air and he was going right...silly me...
Look at Miss Mindy she's having a ball.....

Sennen made her debut into the ring well a UKA one, down here in Cornwall, in beginners great start for her and me, I have just chopped all my hair off and forgotten to do a dumby run to see whether I could see or not whilst training, so good job her first run was NFC, she had a ball, grabbed her toy and did the dreaded lap of honour, poor judge whilst I was trying to get the hair out my eyes, not a worry at all, she really is a cool as cucumber type of girl... so next one I ran for real, which made the butterflies go mad.. but I needed to do it and wanted to, she did a great round just one bit I handled not the way I should but I thought I could run... hummm  anyway managed to steer her back on course...  went to get my clear round ribbon to find out we got a trophy too, she WON!   Flipping heck yes I know it was only a UKA, but I have never had a clear round and a win on a first outing before.... and Mindy ran her course and was clear too, she's had a 100% success rate in anysize and only one run was she worried about something, so that was great..

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Happy Birthday Buzz

Buzz turned 10 today, bless him, Buzzy Bear, Buzzwold, horse and anything else you fancy calling him......

Monday, 16 April 2012

Sennen's first ever KC running orders!

have arrived on the door mat this morning, still in shock that I'm not really sure whether we are ready, yep we can do the basics and we are going to learn a lot over the summer, yep she can weave beautifully IMO, A frame still needs work, dogwalk fine ss fine, we haven't done a "pull through" and still haven't shown her, her lead and toy maybe in a bucket... I think we will just learn those bits as we go along, she has been a total joy to teach and far easier than any of the collies or Puffs, will she be fast? don't know hard to gauge against a "Puff" she still prefers standard height to full, so we may just take a bit of time getting used to that, she try's so very hard for me and is so very naughty to live with... She still thinks she can be sneaky and grab her toy before the exercise is finished and runs around saying "you try and get it.. just you try", which then makes me laugh, but no doubt will be PIA in time! hummm

So her number is 305, does that mean anything to me NO, but it does to some people...
This little rescue girl has brought so much fun and joy to our lives...

And I cant thank Nicky and Jackie enough for letting her come to live with us...

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A group photo!

3 posts in one week, must be a record!

But just had to show you this one, Harry, Sennen, Mindy, old lady Red and Buzzy Bear, taken this morning, before we went to the tip with the trailer full of rubbish..

Monday, 9 April 2012

Ian's been busy...

Whilst I'm having fun at agility shows, Ian's been busy on the rainy days! Making a BBQ/ heater to go on the "one day project" of a patio, decking area in front of the bungalow... Clever clogs he recycled a used old gas bottle

Sunday, 8 April 2012

"Mindy" - anysize

Fridays anysize for Mindy, I think the video says it all....

"Mindy" another anysize at Kernow K9

I think you guys may start to get fed up of watching Mindy's anysize, but I DON'T, Sunday's anysize, at Kernow K9, something had upset her in the queue, not sure what, but she recovered quickly, which was great to see, she was running on damp grass after the nights rain and still was able to grip the ground and turn and I must have also got my commands in at the right time too, she seems to get stronger and stronger, which gives me the confidence that actually she is okay... and I'll say it again 9 months ago she was paralysed on 3 legs and the future was very bleak. Just look at her now!

"Harry" at Kernow K9

Harry although he had gone clear all last weekend and on Friday, I felt something wasn't quite right... you really learn to to listen to your dogs in this game of agility, he even won a class last weekend, but I still knew something wasn't right, thankfully, Nikki Mindy's masseur was on hand and as she treats Harry and Sennen too on regular basis, she didn't mind just checking him out and sure enough he had muscle twinge on a back right leg, any way Nikki kindly treated him on Friday for me, Saturday I didn't go to the show and Sunday this is the result, much happier lad, that happy that my winter re-train of dog walk showed up nicely.. Love the lad

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lazy sunny afternoon's..

Sennen having a rough playing session with her Dad!

Actually he is trying to get her belly exposed to give her a "Raspberry"!!

Now that's a face that has been on this planet before, well I think so.

Harry doing what he does best, sleeping! anywhere will do!

Grass having it's first cut of the year! watched on by Buzz.

"Mindy" - 27th march jumping.

So the jumps have gone up a little, in-between micro and small, going to give her one more go at getting to full height and it may take until next year to get there if we do, doesn't really matter, she's still so young.
I think it's because I only have Sennen and Harry working and Harry really doesn't do training so I end up twiddling my thumbs training wise and Sennen has been so very easy to train. So I feel I owe it to Mindy, as you can see she loves agility and really wants something to do, so as this is my chosen activity then so be it!

We have done big circles at this height with the jumps at different distances apart (grid work really but 9 jumps worth) she is bonkers and has had some spectacular crashes, where she took off way too early and I think even before the accident she would have done it too, but thankfully when ever I change something like now having an actual course for her to do with turns in etc, I get Ian to video so that I can actually work her and not watch, it's still very hard though and it's all "MY" fault she didn't turn right out the tunnel in the clip as my body (if you slow it down or even pause it, you can see quite clearly I am facing forward) is still saying go forward yet my command says turn right, but when I get both right she turns. She is really teaching me how important our bodies are to our dogs and from a distance too....

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

"Sennen" Running AFrame

last video of the day, Sennen's slow motion running "A" frames, the 3rd attempt wasn't good, so she wasn't rewarded for that one and she knew it, look how slow she comes down the next time, bless her, love the last one.

We used Dawn Weaver method, you need to check her web page out for details or follow the link on the right of this page at the bottom.

She's not quite got all her legs sorted yet, but I must admit I don't train it lots, as she's still only 17 months, actually come to think of it the last AFrame she did was in a private lesson over a week ago!
I'm one of those people that don't train everyday with any of my dogs, they are pets first not machines! WELL MINE ARE.
I just hate hearing that some people not only do their dogs not go for free running walks every day but just get their exercise by doing agility, but also that they train their dogs 5-7 x a week, crazy IMO. Right I'll get off my soap box!

"Red" training anysize

"Red" comes out and plays once every two weeks or so, depending on how she's feeling.
She still shouts going around, she still bites me and trys to jump up at me, think it may be time to put the jumps down to Mindy's height as she does miss judge a few, so rather than her hurting her self. She looks and feels well, no big lumps or bumps at the moment and long may that continue, her heart mumur hasn't got any worse and her HD in one hip isnt causing any concern either.
She still think she owns the lane outside the house and no one is allowed to pass without getting barked at when she's outside and she is still top dog. How can 13 years (nearly) pass so quickly?

Mindy's "Elephant trick"

Yes I know she's not an elephant!
This is another part of Mindy's physio which she gets to do 4/5 x a week, slowly, part on and off the carpet as that's another experience for her feet to feel different surfaces under them.
This is one of the few tricks I have never mastered with Harry, think I was just being impatient, so we will get there and do it, Sennen can, maybe that will be next winter "Joint" trick for all of them to do together...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

21 tonnes!

Saw a neighbour down our lane getting rid of some top soil, we've already had 12 tonnes, chucked over the bank, but needed more, some for the veg patch and some to raise this area, so it doesn't flood! So I put on my mini skirt and.... No I'm liar, I actually just went and asked and they turned up with their 3 ton dumper truck and dumped 21 tonnes! that should keep us busy!

Saw this in the week and it made me laugh.

Dog's off to the chiro next week for their pre-season check up, so not a lot happening here, I'm still coughing, damm and blast it, doctors have put me on a "Brown" puffer now.

Lots of shows that really I would love to go to, but I'm not travelling far this year, maybe to Newbury Showground and that's it really, feel a little sad as I love meeting up with my buddies and watching lots of classy dogs and handlers, but hey ho, you cant do everything, maybe I would have thought differently if Mindy was running on full height.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Where did Feb go?

Cant believe we've been here in this little home for 5 years today, well Ian has, I moved in two days later as we had to break camp up, we had lived in our 2 berth touring caravan for 5 months in the bottom of a great friends garden with 4 dogs, 3 collies and Harry for 5 months over Cornwall worst winter in 30 years! November to March.

Anyway I still cant believe where Feb went, I was ill for most it, shorten version of events as follows!
Caught real "Man" flu and into the second week couldn't cope so went to Doctors for some meds, I had a mild chest infection, then came out in a mild rash which they didn't think had anything to do with the penicillin then had to go and have more meds in the 2/3 week, which I reacted to big time, waking up to find my joints all swollen, I didn't have any knuckles or ankles! and then the rash was back it was hell, itchy and blistering in places.... stopped the meds, prition worked slowly and soon felt better, except have been left with a stupid cough which is exhausting, so had chest x-rays. Last time I had been to the doctors was 2008! Never ill.....
So that is where February went! and I'm glad it's gone.

I have just been able to go back to walking the dogs for further now back up to an hour a day and weekends Ian comes too, Sennen as you can see has been busy, it's a shame I cant gut them, as it would save me having to go to the butchers each week for they bones. She's not interested after she's caught and killed them, but here she's been chased by Mindy and Harry.

Harry loves sleeping next to the radiator, well actually he like just the sleeping part best! Love this lad.

Mindy's Bump Jumps, being used for their second use, to start off the carrots, spinach, beetroot and spring onions, all planted and growing.

Ian's been really busy since I was ill, as he didn't really want to stay in and be nurse maid, not much fun, so he finished the veggy fence and made the 3rd raised bed, filled it with soil and compost from our very own compost heap, just needs a little more soil and we are ready to go.

and he put Mindy's sign up, planted a few extra shrubs that had wintered over in bigger pots. Fiddled with his Discovery, think it's almost sorted now, for the time being that is.

Crufts this week, wishing all my buddies going and competing a great time, I'm staying at home and watching it on TV.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Still about Mindy..

and why not, she's a very special girl, as we all know it was Valentines day yesterday, Ian is romantic in a funny sort of way, he made Mindy her own sign for the Veggy patch gate, well she was the only one allowed in there last summer, actually it was the safest place for her, so no one could knock her over...she's come along way.

and she loves her Dad, she loves it when he jumps in the shower and waits for the shower to stop and rushes in to lick his legs! Funny girl.. She doesn't do this to me!

Mum will be pleased, I learnt how to "crop" the photo today!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Catch up!

We are saying it with photo's today.
My last couple of posts have been all over the place and not quite how I planned them, but I ran out of time and lost my train of thought, so that was it and I couldn't just stop and not post it once I started be it!

Anyway over the moon with little Miss Mindy who did her first 2 anysize runs and loved every minute, although I did see her look around for her Dad, which is why poor Ian cant come and watch her usually, as she leaves the ring to go and find him, but this show she couldn't leave....such a Daddies girl! anyway she got a clear round in the second run and I ran her without out watching video for that run, just one wide turn, she was 5th behind the large dogs....So if you stop and watch her in the anysize classes I'd love a video of her, I wont ask you, but if you see us just video away...PLEASE, THANK YOU xxx

Been teaching Harry to hold things for longer periods of time, as he hates things in his mouth, he's doing really well. Well, well enough for me to take a picture with my little cheap camera that when you press the button a couple of seconds later it takes the photo...sigh...
He is celebrating having lived for over 5 years in Cornwall......Love his ears.

Well and here's Sennen taking it all in her stride! hummm a tired moment...Rejoyce xx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sennen got in on the act!


I was in the loo, less than 5 mins with the door shut.....

Just spoken to Elaine...we now have a plan, got to find some wind chimes! tell you later