Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Mindy" full height!

Well here she is.. back on full height, I'm trying not to watch her but work her, it's so hard... anyway sent this clip to Nikki Mindy's Massage hero at to see how she's doing and anything else I can do for her.... we had done a warm up routein before she starts this, fig of 8's and circles and she had done her own off lead warm up of, chase the dog that's walking along the footpath outside the fence, you can still hear that dog barking as she goes into the weaves, she really wants to chase that dog and do the weaves!

Oh and you get a glimpse of my new hair cut, as I forgot to tie it back out the way, so I keep fiddling with it!

Not much else to say, getting nearer to Mindy full height show, exciting and nervous all at once, I just got to handler her right and it will all come together.
Sennen worked well at the show on Monday with gun shots, thunder and heavy rain for most of her runs, no clears but really nice e's, I like e's... she is getting faster and now is looking for her toy when she has finished.

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