Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas 2011 opening presents!

Poor bah humbug Mindy!!

Exhausting this Christmas stuff!

That was 2011

We got up early to watch the sunrise on Christmas morning down on the beach at Harlyn Bay, it was lovely and all the dogs had fun, paddling and Mindy got to chase a few birds, so she was very, very happy!

Caught in the act, Harry checking out the presents! Usually they are all under the tree, but bad girl Sennen has spent most of this Christmas break dismantling the tree decorations, so some how I don't think presents under the tree would have lasted a few seconds!

opening up presents, Sennen and Harry, they love the soft toys, but again spoil sport Sennen, disembowels all soft toys and steal every ones so she can have that pleasure, so another note to remember next year, no soft toys, Red loves her lion, poor girl, she played with it for about 20 mins when Sennen spotted it!

Poor Mindy hates every second of present opening and always has done, even when we added treats to them, this is her usual stance at Christmas, poor girl... Bah humbug

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Harry's Christmas Band!

"Harry and the Potters" Thanks to Anne for the band name, which seemed apted at the time as I was using paint pots, but it made more noise on the tines..
Any way "Merry Christmas" everyone from us all her at "The Pit" xx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Our 5th Christmas!

Garland's up! The Christmas Tree is up, although I am not sure whether it will last Sennen is dismantling it faster than I can keep the decoration on it, bad girl, it's a new slim line tree one, as our little house is just so small and now we have so many dogs! We cant fit it in, well we did have to buy the dogs a sofa and new dog beds! (just to keep up with Nancy and her dog bed fetish?)

Love Buzz, he looks so comfy in one of the new beds, the other one is bigger.....

Oh yes forgot to say earlier, we aren't sending Christmas Cards this year, we are donating what we would have spent including postage and sending the money to "Help the Hero's"

"Harry" celebrating living in Cornwall.

This is our 5th Christmas in Cornwall, Harry was only 4 months when he came with us to Cornwall and lived in our 2 berth caravan in Aly's and Nicks field with 3 collies and him, bit cramped, cold and muddy, but we made 5 months of Cornish Winter and now 5 years on Harry celebrated by getting out the flags to celebrate...

"Mindy" on Perranporth Dunes.

It's been a while since you've seen a video of Mindy running!
Mindy loves to Run, you can see she cant quite reach that last little bit of full extension, actually she does reach it but her tail goes straight for a few strides which is different to how she used to run, not sure how this will affect her jumping ability, we are just coming up to 6 months since her accident, she has done amazingly well and even if she only does the odd "any size" class if she wants too, she has achieved way more than we thought she would, she certainly can lead a normal pet life, if she doesn't come back to agility we will spay her, but if she comes back and can cope then I may still have my dream of breeding one litter from her.....and keeping all the pups myself!!! well she may only have one! If she has more I might let some very special people who still want one from her, so that is something, not sure when her next season will be as she is all out of sink (spelling) but I'm thinking around July time......

If you watch carefully at the end of the clip you can see her do a "head over T" fall, she did them before her accident, so nothing new, just something else to scare you with!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Harry pack your bags!

Well this year, December is our month off from agility well for Harry and Sennen anyway! So to keep the brain cells going we do lots of long walks and lots of trick training when the weather is horrid.

This morning was one of those days, as Harry was trying to get Sennen to chase him and as she is still on lead walking (due to being spayed) thought I had better get the clicker out, so in 5 mins we got this one, which is quite apt as we are also trying to do a group "Drumming" session to "Merry Christmas" song, but we need a little bit more fine tuning for that one as Sennen keeps trying to eat Harry costume...! So he's packing his bags!

Monday, 5 December 2011


For Helen!...a Unimog, but his was yellow rather than sainsbury orange...

I remember whilst growing up, playing in a shed on wheels, so maybe it was something like this, it had a stove in it and tiny cups and saucers and a wind up gramophone (worth a fortune by now no doubt, but I expect with our use was never seen again) it was in Grandma and Grandads garden nestled in amongest loads of apple trees and my cousin Kimmy and I would make up plays to produce for the family to sit around and be our audience. Ha ha the one I remember the most was going to the dentist and having to have a tooth removed! so we tied a long piece of string on to a door and then on to this huge "Paper" tooth and slammed the hut's door ouch...

Well where did that memory come from! funny old things our minds!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thank our lucky stars!

Ian thankfully survived this gate, having not been secured correctly blowing open in front of him as he was driving home last night, in the dark on a country lane, he missed the gate, but hit numerous 6-8 inch trees along the side of the Discovery and then stopping passenger side down in a 6 foot ditch, thank god he was in the Discovery and not my little car, it took him a little while to get out and run back to shut gate before anyone actually hit it...
Anyway the Discovery didn't look too bad until the recovery people came to get it out and they smashed the front window and put a chain through the doors to get it out and squashing the drivers side roof at the same time, so it's now a write off, as you can imagine Ian is gutted he has spent may hours and money getting it ready to rock and roll, oh they tried to drive it out and broke the diff too, not sure how they thought they could drive it out with only the two passenger wheels on the ground..but hey they did!
So we went and emptied of our personal belongings, also please that the both end dog guards where in place as they have taken a bashing from Ian's work tools in the back, but he walked away with no broken bones or cuts, so THANK YOU who ever you are looking after him and long may you continue...

Bet the sunroof leaks now! Only those with Discovery will laugh at that one!

Sennen was spayed yesterday too, poor girl she has just had to get on with it, I stayed with her whilst she had her pre-med and was meant to go back sit with her before she woke up and then bring her home, Nikki came from Canine Remedial Massage for Mindy, so I didn't get to pick her up until 12.30. My vets are great, I did tell them that she had started to guard her crate and I was working hard to resolve this and hoped they wouldn't put her in a crate if there were any other dogs in the room with her (she's fine with people) any way when I got back for her there she was sat on a fleece with a duvet over the top of her in reception behind the desk, how nice is that, great vets Rock View, she is resting now with one of Ian's tee shirts on to stop her licking although I have not even had a look at it yet, I am sure once we have stopped flying around and leave it all to someone else, Ian will no doubt stiffen up and I'll have a cry (may be)

It seems to help having a blog to write it all down!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Scary Floor!

Poor Buzz having a scary floor moment, he has been the same for a very long time, he can walk on the floor fine and then one day there's no way you can get him to walk on it...doesn't matter what surface, but today was the dog room floor! after he had been for a lovely stress free walk and he had eaten his bones, there was no way he was coming into the house.
After an hour he came in on his own accord as if nothing was the matter!
No idea what's going on in his head, but he is curled up at my feet, whilst I'm telling you all about him....Love him x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

ahhh, foster dogs and visitors!

Mindy, as you can see is rather a Daddy's girl!
This is Diesel the foster boy, arrived as an urgent case Saturday morning, 6 months old entire boy, great social skills with dogs and humans, nothing that I can see needs working on apart from when he arrived he didn't know how to sit, down etc, but he can now, great these clickers! pulls on the lead, so halti trained now too, we have got a placement in a better foster home as our house is just too small for another big dog from Sunday onwards, but would be nice to find him a home down here in Cornwall, save having to transport him upcountry, he's a collie I expect with something else in there too, he's the size of Sennen, plays tug and loves his balls, ideal as an agility dog or an active pet home.
Our visitor! yep he's black and white blackbird and been with us since spring, hope he makes it through our winter and doesn't get picked on...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

MIndy "Bump Jumps"

It's been a while, I know, I've been busy and time seem to be flying past and I seem to be getting nothing done. The nights are drawing in, teaching is weekends mainly now weather permitting, I do struggle with the ground, it just gets so wet down in this part....

But after a bit of encouragement from various people, I tried Mindy around a circle of "Bump jumps" or is it "Jump bumps" it's old guttering, which ends up doubling up as something I start the veggys off in the green house with!

Anyway we use them just so she doesn't slip on a poles, although she is jumping a lot higher, wider and longer out on her wood walks, this is more controlled so we start low and for me to gain confidence that she is okay-ish, her toy is her reward stationary and thrown.

I did spend the whole time watching her and not sorting out her toy reward in time, I should just get Ian to video and then me just to work her, otherwise we could have an accident because I'm not telling her what she needs to know early enough etc....this is very scary for me, I saw in the flesh she struggles with the grip going around to her left, but it doesn't really show on the video, she is wider in her turns back to me, but maybe she was before the accident, I cant say I remember really, after such a serious accident you do find yourself doing way too much watching every foot step etc.

She is still having her massage sessions, with Nikki Townend from the Canine remedial Massage. Mindy adores her and I mean that, those that know Mindy will be amazed to hear that she likes another person as much as Ian and I, maybe she is just mellowing? Anyway Nikki will be coming this Tuesday, so it will be interesting to see, whether doing controlled circles isn't good or has pulled a muscle/tightened somewhere before I do any more.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

"Sennen" Weaving Oct 2011.

..and here's the video!

Taking it on the road!

Sennen is learning to weave using the 2 x 2 method, I should have listened to what Susan G says on her DVD, don't start them until a year old, I didn't and started her at 11 months and within 3 weeks she was weaving a full set of 12 (new width weaves) but I had been very bad AGAIN and not taking them into different environments and my garden is fenced in with no distractions except the old "Puff" joining in on the session...
Anyway after she was weaving a full set I went back to 6 and took them on the road, went to Mums last week and Mum took some pictures (She's clever my Mum) this was Sennen's first attempt at weaving this set of 6 in a new place and the first photo (yes she got them)
So then we "upped" the anti and added Mum's dogs, here's Lilly, Sennen did great and only missed one entry over the 6 mins of totally training time including tugging....
and lovely Polly who would have been great at agility, if only I had lived closer to Mum, Polly's running flat out past the weaves as she wants to beat Sennen to her toy!
PS. I did swop sides and I did do some cross behinds but nothing fancy!
and my final distraction area, was this week in the crazy Rabbit field along side the A30, this was so hard for Sennen as this is where she can really open up on a short field walk and where all the bunnies live and...and....
I did the first rep straight out the van and back towards the van, so not looking out into the field, she did it but was really wanting to get going, but I managed to turn her attention on to tugging and having fun with me and the couple of mins rep into the field she was fab, she is trying to one foot them too........

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Going, going GONE!

Aren't we lucky to have a neighbour with a digger?

So just some, wheels and tyres, oh and some axles to sell now, nice digger neighbour popped 10 tonnes of top soil over the fence too, just right for the veggy garden and this area which tends to get waterlogged in the winter, so we are trying to raise it! the soak aways from the house are under there somewhere, which had to be redone when we first moved in....

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

For a friend!

This is a post for a Friend who starts her chemo today, to help her fight breast cancer, did you know 1 in 8 women get it?

and actually it's "Love from us all here, at The Pit"

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


What do these 3 pictures have in common?
Well this is Jacob, who lives in Somerset and he is Sennen's litter brother, can you see the white GSD in him.....
and just to remind you this is Annie Mummy

So I recon the dad was a White GSD, dont you???

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"From Time to Time"

I pinched the below statement/poem what ever you want to call it, from Dawns face book page, it was just so apt for me for this past week, as I met a chap who used to work with dogs in the RAF (many years ago) and his words to me where, when I was telling him about Mindy ...."it's just a dog"

“From time to time, people tell me, “lighten up, it’s just a dog”, or, “that’s a lot of money for just a dog”. They don’t understand the distance traveled, the time spent, or the costs involved for “just a dog”. Some of my proudest moments have come about with “just a dog”. Many hours have passed and my only company was “just a dog”, but I did not once feel slighted. Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by “just a dog” and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of “just a dog” gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day. If you, too, think it’s “just a dog”, then you will probably understand phases like “just a friend”, “just a sunrise”, or “just a promise”. “Just a dog” brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and pure unbridled joy. “Just a dog” brings out the compassion and patience that makes me a better person. Because of “just a dog” I will rise early, take long walks and look longingly to the future. So for me and folks like me, it’s not “just a dog” but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment. “Just a dog” brings out what’s good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day. I hope that someday they can understand that it’s not “just a dog” but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being “just a human.” So the next time you hear the phrase “just a dog”, just smile, because they “just don’t understand."

So Thanks Dawn xx

Monday, 19 September 2011

"Hawkers Cove"

11 weeks on from her operation and here's Mindy having fun on the beach at Hawkers Cove, just thought I'd lighten the tone after my last little post!!!
Playing ball with her is not so scary but chasing the birds across the beach and into the sea still is...

"Harry" running part of Barrie James course

Well I'm slowly getting back into training Harry, taken a while to want too, let alone think of a course to put up, so I cheated and used the course (well part off) that Barrie James used for a Crufts Q at Lansdown back in June that I couldn't go too, so thanks Barrie in pushing me to try it out!
Also thanks to Dawn Weaver and her monthly video tuition (which you can find down the right hand side links)which has been great fun to also push me forward with my training, I am starting to enjoy it now and although I have only been to a few shows since Mindy's accident, I am SLOWLY starting to enjoy them too, but give me an excuse to leave and I'm gone! I seem to still feel, "well what I got to aim for, Harry G7?"
I used to be really obsessed with winning this and that, but it just doesn't float my boat any more, been there and done it....

I do get fed up with people saying they were .01 second in front or behind Harry and if they had have got that contact they would have beaten Harry or Joe Bloggs....well you didn't and you didn't so get a life!
I felt really sad hearing another agility competitor last weekend (or was the weekend before) get them self right upset, they had won the class fair and square, beautifully handled, better than I handled it! but said after we all cheered at prize giving, that if such and such had been there, that they would have said they would have beaten them...as I promptly told them well they weren't there, so enjoy that win and anyway you were foot perfect, so I doubt they would have beaten you anyway....Some people really don't know when it's just best to shut their mouths....

Now will I press the publish post button or scrap everything I have just written as I felt I needed to vent that!
Oh well here goes nothing....

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The biggest one yet!

The veggy's patch is still producing!

We didn't have a great crop this year, mainly our fault in not getting better organised (we are new at it!) we still have carrots as you can see, some Spinach, Lettuce (cut and come again) beans, the tomatoes have yet to turn red, so no doubt we did something wrong! we had one plum but loads off small apples, which I have to admit the dogs ate!

I have grown on some cheap heathers from the supermarkets, which are now 3 x the size they were when I bought them, haven't planted them out yet and maybe I'll let them grow some more and put them out next year, we bought some more laurel hedging plants at the auctions and these too I have re potted and are now strong and healthy 3ft ers! ready to go into place...

I do enjoy re potting bits and taking cutting to see if anything grows, makes so much financial sense...Think we did our last cut down in the agility area, I do try and leave 3-4 inches and then hopefully will help to keep it all together over the winter, but with Sennen she'll going to be one of those dogs that will enjoy skidding around in the mud, doing handbrake turns...

Talking of Sennen she came into season on Saturday, well at 11 months I suppose it had to happen sooner or later! but I suppose that will give me time to decide when to spay her...December time maybe...Harry thinks all his Christmas have come at once, was wondering whether this would bring Mindy in too...have to wait and see.

Mindy had her last Treadmill session yesterday, she is so fit now and has muscled up nicely, free running she looks great especially in the woods, jumping ravines, ditches, logs bigger than small height and staying upright whilst playing chase with Sennen and Harry through the undergrowth, stretching right out as she jumps brambles etc, lovely to watch now rather than being very scary..I have not stopped the ground work but trying not to make it a chore as by the end of 8 weeks I was exhausted and running out of ideas of what else to do with her...so now maybe once a week we get all the balance stuff out the shed and line it all up big balls, small balls, peanut ball, wooden balance board, plastic one and the blow up one and she walks from one to the other etc. I have started playing with her agility toys, throwing them letting her retrieve them from a stand still and now on the move, mainly for me to not to panic as she skids and slides and somersaults over the top of them, well if I cant play with her toys she isn't going to be able to do the next stage agility IMO...she couldn't care less, it's just my nerves but one step at a time...for me! Mindy would rather just get on with it...and I have witnessed her chase after a bird jumping the jumps along the way, which is why I have put the poles back down on their lowest height on the jumps (for my sanity!) out in the agility garden...

So maybe she can do some agility in time...Peter the vet, seems to think so and he also said to hang fire spaying her, especially as it was an accident. Still not sure about that, but I'm not sure whether I'll do agility with her either...we will just have to wait and see...


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Pictures to help catch up!

Still don't seem to have much time!
fancy that! so Pictures will help catch me up...Here's Mindy still going to physio and tread mill at Hawksland, Wadebridge, Ross gets in with her after she has been in the spa and had some massage/physio...she is up to 16 mins and seems to cope really well with the water draining now and walks in a straight line...

Mindy - The above award arrived in the post for 2010, Harry won this in his first year of competing and so did Red in her first year, except Red was for Starters....

Sennen ate it!

John caught playing with his toy at Pembrokeshire!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Red's" final anysize jumping classes

A bit out of order, but back to Pembrokeshire and Red's Last AnySize Jumping.....She really enjoyed then and I felt I wanted to retire her before she hurt herself, she never has done anything with any care about her body, so with anycourse like this last one, I didnt want to push her.....so I can still run her at home with straight lines and her toy waiting for her at the end etc.......

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

RIP Monty, Monty was my cat, yes I used to have a cat, until I moved to Bristol to be with Ian and he lived on a fast road, so I asked Mum as you do, could she cope with another cat ...that was 16/17 years ago, which made him 20 years and 7 months old when his bones just got too old, he had been blind and deaf for a few years at this stage and he was a grumpy old man! he had a great life with Mum, lots of land to wander around, mice and birds to take home etc.....

I don't have a photo of him as unfortunately a lot of my photos were destroyed when the roof leaked in the shed and his photos along with my growing up photos were destroyed......

But you get the picture, when I say he was a black and white cat, more black than white......So you will have to just make do with a photo of Sennen at 10.5 months old, taken yesterday out on an evening walk with Ian, up Hamburger hill, where the skys where so clear we could see the coast on the right and the left of us easily, it was a lovely evening and I'm glad, we made the effort to do an evening walk with the dogs together....

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"Mindy" - 8 weeks after her operation.

Struggling to catch back up with my blogging!

Well Mindy continues to improve, never say never and all that!!
Here she is along with the others on a lovely hour morning walk at Ladock woods on Monday, where she was off for all of it apart from the manic first 10 mins, cant believe it's 8 weeks since her operation, so much has happened, so much water has passed under the bridge, so many end of era things have happened too, not sure where to start to tell you...

The one that's sat there on the top of my mind, is hearing from Elaine that Bethany did amazing well in her exams and is off to Cardiff uni in September, well done Beth, Ian and I are so proud of you and Red sends you a big kiss and woof (Beth first started to run Red in Junior classes at the age of 10, they were a great team.)
....and then hearing that lovely Todd (Odd Todd of Valgray) has gone to join Laddy, Freda and Cassie, where he could bark and charge around to his hearts content, he was Andy's senior dog, I was telling Elaine my most memorable moment was watching Andy win into Senior with him at Corton show at Wotton Bassett on a jumping course, he made it look like a stroll in the park, it was a perfect round......RIP Toddy.

Maybe I'll post another entry later today, just need to give Todd some of my thoughts....

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Isn't she cute, bless her, thought it was better to keep the curtains shut, keeps it cooler and stops Mindy fretting!

We have just come back from a holiday in Pembrokeshire, we left at silly o'clock in the morning and arrived 5.30 hours later, just in time for morning coffee! We were camping on the airfield at Haverford West, great weather all week long apart from the Monday, but we still managed a walks in the woods with the dogs......
Sennen is becoming quite a water baby, except she hasnt swam yet!
Mindy at this stage was on the lead and Harry doesn't do water, so didn't want his photo taken....
The boys playing with their balls! I never quite know whether these two have any rules, but can often been seen around the caravans armed with a can in their hands and tape measure in their pockets, Ian recon he won that night (not that he's competitive or keeping tabs!!)
I think the main rule is you have to get as close as you can too the white ball, these two can be often found with head torches on playing this, although this was the first time this year, as John and Chris haven't spent too much time camping at shows with us!! only kidding it's getting Ian to come camping that's been hard this year...

Lovely Katie May, not wanting her photo taken....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mindy second day off lead!

we have been computerless...trying now to catch up, lots to tell you, but you will have to make do with the best news....Mindy started to come off the lead for small amounts of time, whilst we were on our holis in Pembrokeshire....

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nanny Mac Phee?

...all I need, is a wart on my nose!

Happy Holiday's everyone, Mindy relaxing after a water tread mill session, of course Sennen has to get in on the act too...Love my dogs xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

"Mindy" August 2nd 2011

A month after her operation, looking amazing, well I think so!

Thanks to Clive and Elaine Snook for drinking so many beer and cider cans for Mindy at the weekend, and Chris and John for supplying us with the Trellis, yes I know it wasn't meant for Mindy but for my camping trips...

She is continuing to improve, but not so rapid as the first two weeks, but Peter Attenburrow did tell us that. We are continuing with the ttouch that Shona Moon showed me last week, I have got the hang of the "hair slides" she loves them and lots of back of the hand work, she still finds any mouth work to "in your face!" so have just done hair slides around the area, especially as her face hair is growing rather long now, she really could do with a clip and get her looking a bit more even, just don't think she would cope with being at the groomers just yet, although lovely Val did do Harry at the show at the weekend as I had lots of comments, how fat Harry was! little did they know it really was hair, he looked great for Sunday.....Yes I went to a show, the "Agility club" still haven't managed to do any training, so the least said about my handling the better.

It was great seeing everyone and nice to know we are on peoples minds and it was lovely that people came to talk to me about Harry or Sennen, even though I hadn't a clue who they were, but they read my blog...

Yes Sennen came too, on her first of many camping trips, she was very good, apart from catching a mixy rabbit with Tamsins two terrier boys, Albert and Toby on the cross country course...... more recall work required. I was very careful where I let her off and what dogs where around as now she adores small dogs and expects all of them to be like Harry, Mindy, and now Albert and Toby. She was great around the rings, spoke nicely to loads of dogs and played nicely with others, she even found a big pup to play with, Sara's Zips and Kiz Puppy, but with all the excitement of them playing I forgot to ask names, sorry Sara. She tugged like a good em! and concentrated enough to do waits and tricks around the rings, she gets excited watching the "squeaking" dogs running, bless her, she barks more like a Shepherd each day...ugh!

I took Harry and Sennen for an MOT with the Galen girls, Sennen was given the all clear to start back agility and actually I am looking forward to starting back with her and Harry, Sen has had 5 weeks off and she has driven us all mad with her antics......anyway Harry apparently wasn't so good and needs to see the chiro, which so happens, I had booked for next Wednesday anyway, he was booked in along with Mindy's first vet approved visit....

Oh yes Mindy is allowed a new harness less bulky camo pink fleecey one, from "Dog Games" site, they where very good and allowed me to have a selection to take to Peter and let him choose which he wanted her to wear he choose the cheaper model as it had a wider fleece ad less buckles, I think he was siding with Ian on how easy ti was to put on personally, I liked the more expensive one....

..and lastly I spent rather a lot at the show, buying a fleecy harness for Sennen to wear when she is pegged to the floor on her stake rather than attaching to her collar, a lead with her name sewed in (Ian doesn't like it, thinks it should have been a nicer colour, well I suppose that's an excuse to buy another one some day!!) and a pot of "Riaflex" for Mindy (well I couldn't forget her could I?) Oh and got some free samples of "joint aid" too.......

Think that's all the news...the Discovery's are still sat at the bottom of the garden, oh well what's another few weeks!

Monday, 25 July 2011

"Mindy" physio exercises 24th july.

Physio with Mindy

I thought you might like to see what "Physio" stuff Mindy is up too!
I hadn't put all this altogether in one session before, Mindy has along with Harry and Sennen and any other pup that pops in for training already walked on most of these surfaces before as pups.

Mindy had been walking on a few bits of different surfaces over the past two weeks, wood, grass, shavings, plastic, so just added a few others, Elaine reminded me about bubble wrap and I added the flat tunnel plastic, wood, plastic fencing, foam filled plastic cover, sound proofing out of the disco, ladder (first time) odd bit of material, fleece blanket, roofing felt, cardboard box and tin filled with sand...(thanks Tamsin for that idea) weave poles and a tin.

This session lasted 10 mins, which I'm not sure was too long in one go, although as she was being fed treats all the way around, she didn't seem to get bored and when I stopped she would merrier go off to stand on something for more food! But I swooped this session with one of her 3 x 10 min walks, so maybe I have answered my own question!?
Elaine also suggested maybe better to use cones and poles rather than a ladder as it has a bit more give in it, so perhaps I'll put the ladder away for a few more weeks as I don't have any cones, unless some of you guys want to lend me some !
The session I videoed was from yesterday, Sunday and today is 3 weeks since her operation, she starts the treadmill tomorrow and Thursday she will be having a session of ttouch, if Shona Moon can get near her!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sennen met Sennen Cove this week!

Ian even posed..... the once!!

Sennen meets Sennen Cove, well almost they (dogs) aren't allowed on the beach!

Ian had a week off work, this past week, so we had a couple of days out, then Ian set too working around the place, hopefully the "Discos" will be moving on to their new homes, getting fed up at looking at them out the kitchen window and I think Ian is too, whoop whoop!!!!

Sennen "go-on work"

I had forgotten you hadn't seen this, videoed it in June a few days after I had hurt my back (and just before Mindy hurting her's) and was I missing a weekend show....pig sick!
anyway I think she did great considering she was going to a dead toy and I couldn't run, no bottom shuffling waits here at this house !!!!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

"Mindy" so here she is...

Remember to play the music from the video below at the same time!

The Association - Windy (1967)

play along with Mindys video...made me smile, thanks Sue for finding this for us xx

"Mindy" update 3

She's doing great, eating food and bones from the floor, she wants to play with her toys, so we are being rather careful and just roll the ball to her, but she has started picking that up and running (running not quite) off with it and throwing it around and bouncing on it! she's walking down a few steps now and sometime up them, just the ones going into the house (we live in a Bungalow) she cant jump on the sofa, but has beaten us to getting off, she turns in circles without falling over now, she has had her stitches out a couple of days now and the vet was really pleased with her, but did point out she still has a long way to go (like we don't know) hopefully start the water tread mill soon and thinking about getting someone in to do the ttouch as I'm not sure whether I'm doing it right, although I am sure Mindy may very well put up a fight re some strange person trying to touch her feet!

I started last week to take her down to the veggy patch, so she could roam around eating grass, lying in the sun or just mooching around with out her harness on, whilst I weeded and watered etc....

This week have started to take her down the lane for her 10 min walk, just somewhere different, she is struggling a bit now about being carried everywhere, she was good, but now she wants to be down on the floor and doing stuff....

Started to do a bit of clicker training with her whilst doing her physio, so getting her to lift a back leg and balance with it etc...

She has started to put on some weight now too.

And we have started using Harry's "Back on track coat"...well you never know, it worked for Harry!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

....Out at Porth Jolly!

Sennen out for a few hours with her best mate Holly and her family Sue, Purdy and Tally..Note Sennen's upright ears!

Tally and Sennen, ears starting to go down, at last she is getting tired!

Sennen and Holly

Mrs Woo, old lady diddles...Red, sleeping soundly ( she does now, starting to go deaf, bless her)

And of course Mindy, first day back on some real bones.

She is starting to not enjoy being carried everywhere, especially when we go to go outside all her legs thrash around, she is not meant to do steps just yet, physio is coming on, not sure whether I'm doing enough, but stitches out on Friday, so then it will be over to Hawksland at Wadebridge to see Ros the therapist and hydro, although she wont be swimming, maybe treadmill and spa and hopefully she can point me in the right direction, still doing my version of ttouch using books as reference, not sure whether she would cope with someone else touching her, so will be interesting to see whether Ros can get near her, the vet Fiona doesnt have a problem with her!!

So we can count being a PAT dog off the list of things to do together!!

Ps. Good luck Tamsin with your exams next week.

PPs. Happy Birthday to Auntie Elaine who's 50 today xx