Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Number five!

Whilst my computer is behaving it's self, I thought I had better post!

So you have had two things you didn't know, so only five left to let you know about!

Well like a lot of agility folks, I used to ride and compete with horses, even to the dizzy heights of representing the county not country but county in dressage, we also evented, pony clubbed.......

Guess which one's me!!!

Here I am riding "Nimbo"....don't ask where the names came from, haven't a clue

.....here I am riding Man Friday, over a cross country course near Martock (somerset) funny how you can remember some things, no idea if we got a place or not, Friday was a great little pony, 13.3 hh, when I out grew him, he went to live with a family in Ely (Cambridge way) and went on to represent the country in dressage, he also jumped at Hickstead.

This was Glitter Wax, my first horse (rather than pony....just taller) competing here at Bicton, Devon.

I remember I rode him home when we first bought him as he was only just down the road, he bucked me off 3 times in the first 24 hours of owning him......took rather a long time to bond, as you can imagine!

Mum used to drive the lorry and take me everywhere and was my groom, what a star, she never rode though!...thanks MUM for doing so much for us kids xxx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Seven things!

Bernadette started a "seven things" you didn't know about me, blog......So here's the first and whether I get around to telling you about the other six who knows!
Well "One" thing you didn't know about me! for this week, because I think this will give you a laugh for the weekend and if you see me over the weekend you may see me in a different light!
Don't ever ask me to paint your bathroom or it could end up like my Little Bro's!!!

He is a "Single" dog loving (2 dobbys and 2 collies) car mechanic
living in Dorset (see his blog on my blog list!!) and he takes stunning photo's........................
Hence the painting(!) of him fixing my MG Midget, with his sailing boat in the back ground and the famous hill behind, which those that live near him will know what it is......
Oh look I'm in it too, note the old fashion clothes I'm wearing that's a clue it was painted a few years ago and Hagar the cat looking on!

See I've been doing "Agility" for a few years now!
I did have a break for about 8/9 years, as I didn't want another dog...I started with a collie x retriever called Tessa and borrowed my brothers Collie x called Minstrel and here they are......
Quiet a likeness, I think!
I snuck a second thing in there, that you might not know about me, so now I only have to think of five!
Have a great weekend, last camping show of the year for us.
and you never know Mindy may be competing too, she's so close to being in season, we will just have to see......
I so love my dogs and Ian !

Friday, 17 September 2010

Bad blogger!

Cant believe how quick the time is flying by.....

Ian has had two weeks off, so we have been doing what you should do when your on holiday relaxing! .........well some of the time, Ian had a list of places he wanted to visit and things he wanted to do on his time off, I say Ian as really, as I don't work, I get to do what i want to do every day!
This is an amazing photo, as none of our dogs cuddle up, but as you can see the two collies where really tired after, a long weekend away at an agility show, followed by a 4 hour drive home and an evening beach walk!
Bad Harry had two baths over that weekend having found "Fox poo" to roll in, good job we where in the caravan and not the tent!
So we have gone on some lovely walks with the dogs, woods are my favourite especially at this time of year, with the leaves just starting to fall, but it's still warm under their canopy and both the woods we played in, we don't do normally, Cardinham Woods (Bodmin) and Kingswood Wood (on the way to Mevagissy) both had rivers, so we where able to wash them off, without them actually realising that was what we where doing!

The beaches are still quite busy, good for the dogs for socialising, although Mindy after her first beach walk was back to going far to far away from us chasing seagulls, so she was back on an extendable, she just runs and runs, she cant hear or see you when she gets into that "Zone" and for me it's too dangerous.
We went to Newquay Zoo, for a couple of hours one day, not as big as Bristol Zoo, never seen a "Sloth" before, so I suppose it was enjoyable, in a strange way, I'm not into Zoo's. Ian always calls Harry a Sloth, so I had to take a picture of him sat in a tree doing nothing or was he "Sleeping"

I would like to go to Combe Martin and see the wolves, one day!

I love watching the Penguins, could do that all day long.

We went to Mevagissy a small fishing harbour, just out side of St Austell, we have been there many times before but not since we moved down here to Cornwall.

As we had to walk past the "Pixie" Gnome garden, so had to take a photo, for friends who are mad about them and have loads, we did buy them a few, years ago and when we went camping at an agility show one time, we popped a few in their garden when no one was looking........we did own up in the end!

On another day, we went to Healey's Cyder farm, http://www.healeyscyderfarm.co.uk/ which for me was the best trip out! we sampled many Cyders (pear the best) and wines and jams, chutneys and mustard, had a guided tour and a tractor ride, tickled a shire horse and smiled at a big hairy cow which for the life of me I cant remember their breed name.....

Along with our trips out, we have caught up a lot, on some projects that needed doing, the "loft" shed roof needed replacing, when we rebuilt it we used a lot of the old corrugated roofing that looked great, but over the winter we realised it wasn't so good for a shed that we used as the "loft" so all the trophy's, camping gear, pictures and photos and having pulled out some photos that I had thought Mum could scan onto the computer, memories of me when I was a child, riding horses, playing with school friends etc...and finding them wet and totally ruined, I was devastated, all gone, just have to try and keep them in my mind now.........so new roof it has!

Ian wanted to replace the breeze block steps around the place with granite ones which he managed to save from doing the driveway, they look great just one step left to do. We also needed to raise the concrete around the side of the big long shed and slop it so the rain water would go a different way, so I was the wheel barrow girl, as the last time when I did the mixing up of the cement and concrete I think I lost count on a couple of loads and so it didn't mix too good and would not set!!

Ian at the moment has just finished welding up a base of a seesaw for Sue and is just about to start sorting out the wiring on the Disco, so that we can charge the caravan battery and fridge, whilst towing.

That's why I'm catching up blogging, oh and the bacon's defrosting ready for a bacon sandwich! Yummy

Although I should be outside, staking up some baby trees, before winter winds and I should do a close cut with the mower around the edges down the bottom in the agility bit and pull up the last of the carrots.......I'm on holiday you know!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Harry and Mindy, Cornwall AC

Harry and Mindy at Roseland DTC

Wednesday AGAIN!

I cant believe it's Wednesday again, the days are flying past and I still haven't done half of what I had in my mind we would get done this year.....

So here are a couple of "Agility" video's of Mindy and Harry at local shows running over the same course, thankfully Ian came to a couple and so was able to video, I don't think he minds too much, but I think he would rather like to just chat and chill, he doesn't find watching the "Smalls" as exciting as watching the "Large" dogs........

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Ian has kindly sorted out a different phone for me so I can get on the "tinternet" and take better photo's and have a GPS, so I spent ages trying to work it out, well I managed to take a photo with it...

Thus a picture of Harry enjoying a rest in the caravan after a hectic Saturday!...any excuse for a sleep!

By the way this was our first weekend away in the caravan since we got it......It's great and everything worked!

One accident, Mindy managed to escape her crate in the car (I couldn't have shut the door properly!) and like the crazed girl she is, hurtled her self at me apon entering the caravan, landing on the middle table sending a cup of coffee all over the cusions! thankfully all over the cusions and not on her as it had just been made! More washing to do!

Anyway back to the "Touch" phone thing! I had to learn to send a photo to Fbook and email it to my computer, one minute I thought I'd sussed it the next it didn't work, I thought I had to email to FB, which is what I thought I had done, but then it didn't work.....but as you can see I think I've managed to work out most of it now!