Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Mindy" - 27th march jumping.

So the jumps have gone up a little, in-between micro and small, going to give her one more go at getting to full height and it may take until next year to get there if we do, doesn't really matter, she's still so young.
I think it's because I only have Sennen and Harry working and Harry really doesn't do training so I end up twiddling my thumbs training wise and Sennen has been so very easy to train. So I feel I owe it to Mindy, as you can see she loves agility and really wants something to do, so as this is my chosen activity then so be it!

We have done big circles at this height with the jumps at different distances apart (grid work really but 9 jumps worth) she is bonkers and has had some spectacular crashes, where she took off way too early and I think even before the accident she would have done it too, but thankfully when ever I change something like now having an actual course for her to do with turns in etc, I get Ian to video so that I can actually work her and not watch, it's still very hard though and it's all "MY" fault she didn't turn right out the tunnel in the clip as my body (if you slow it down or even pause it, you can see quite clearly I am facing forward) is still saying go forward yet my command says turn right, but when I get both right she turns. She is really teaching me how important our bodies are to our dogs and from a distance too....

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