Monday, 5 March 2012

Where did Feb go?

Cant believe we've been here in this little home for 5 years today, well Ian has, I moved in two days later as we had to break camp up, we had lived in our 2 berth touring caravan for 5 months in the bottom of a great friends garden with 4 dogs, 3 collies and Harry for 5 months over Cornwall worst winter in 30 years! November to March.

Anyway I still cant believe where Feb went, I was ill for most it, shorten version of events as follows!
Caught real "Man" flu and into the second week couldn't cope so went to Doctors for some meds, I had a mild chest infection, then came out in a mild rash which they didn't think had anything to do with the penicillin then had to go and have more meds in the 2/3 week, which I reacted to big time, waking up to find my joints all swollen, I didn't have any knuckles or ankles! and then the rash was back it was hell, itchy and blistering in places.... stopped the meds, prition worked slowly and soon felt better, except have been left with a stupid cough which is exhausting, so had chest x-rays. Last time I had been to the doctors was 2008! Never ill.....
So that is where February went! and I'm glad it's gone.

I have just been able to go back to walking the dogs for further now back up to an hour a day and weekends Ian comes too, Sennen as you can see has been busy, it's a shame I cant gut them, as it would save me having to go to the butchers each week for they bones. She's not interested after she's caught and killed them, but here she's been chased by Mindy and Harry.

Harry loves sleeping next to the radiator, well actually he like just the sleeping part best! Love this lad.

Mindy's Bump Jumps, being used for their second use, to start off the carrots, spinach, beetroot and spring onions, all planted and growing.

Ian's been really busy since I was ill, as he didn't really want to stay in and be nurse maid, not much fun, so he finished the veggy fence and made the 3rd raised bed, filled it with soil and compost from our very own compost heap, just needs a little more soil and we are ready to go.

and he put Mindy's sign up, planted a few extra shrubs that had wintered over in bigger pots. Fiddled with his Discovery, think it's almost sorted now, for the time being that is.

Crufts this week, wishing all my buddies going and competing a great time, I'm staying at home and watching it on TV.


nellie-bean's blog said...

that looks great, my Iain has been busy putting new edges round our raised beds. Have only got garlic and cooking onions (sets) going so far in garden. Sweetpeas in green house. Asparagus bed hopefully going to be in full production flow this year. Big plans for next weekend getting some seeds going outside...all being well weatherwise and bug wise...

Sorry to hear you been ill. Horrid thing to have and frightening with the joints reaction I would think. Me? I have sick bug now. Can't eat and what I try to is exiting quickly. Like you not ill very often - last time ILL Oct 2007! Don't like it. Brain/body tired. Sore tummy.

Angela said...

Oh No that's not good Helen, hope your bouncing fit very soon!