Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas 2011 opening presents!

Poor bah humbug Mindy!!

Exhausting this Christmas stuff!

That was 2011

We got up early to watch the sunrise on Christmas morning down on the beach at Harlyn Bay, it was lovely and all the dogs had fun, paddling and Mindy got to chase a few birds, so she was very, very happy!

Caught in the act, Harry checking out the presents! Usually they are all under the tree, but bad girl Sennen has spent most of this Christmas break dismantling the tree decorations, so some how I don't think presents under the tree would have lasted a few seconds!

opening up presents, Sennen and Harry, they love the soft toys, but again spoil sport Sennen, disembowels all soft toys and steal every ones so she can have that pleasure, so another note to remember next year, no soft toys, Red loves her lion, poor girl, she played with it for about 20 mins when Sennen spotted it!

Poor Mindy hates every second of present opening and always has done, even when we added treats to them, this is her usual stance at Christmas, poor girl... Bah humbug

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Harry's Christmas Band!

"Harry and the Potters" Thanks to Anne for the band name, which seemed apted at the time as I was using paint pots, but it made more noise on the tines..
Any way "Merry Christmas" everyone from us all her at "The Pit" xx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Our 5th Christmas!

Garland's up! The Christmas Tree is up, although I am not sure whether it will last Sennen is dismantling it faster than I can keep the decoration on it, bad girl, it's a new slim line tree one, as our little house is just so small and now we have so many dogs! We cant fit it in, well we did have to buy the dogs a sofa and new dog beds! (just to keep up with Nancy and her dog bed fetish?)

Love Buzz, he looks so comfy in one of the new beds, the other one is bigger.....

Oh yes forgot to say earlier, we aren't sending Christmas Cards this year, we are donating what we would have spent including postage and sending the money to "Help the Hero's"

"Harry" celebrating living in Cornwall.

This is our 5th Christmas in Cornwall, Harry was only 4 months when he came with us to Cornwall and lived in our 2 berth caravan in Aly's and Nicks field with 3 collies and him, bit cramped, cold and muddy, but we made 5 months of Cornish Winter and now 5 years on Harry celebrated by getting out the flags to celebrate...

"Mindy" on Perranporth Dunes.

It's been a while since you've seen a video of Mindy running!
Mindy loves to Run, you can see she cant quite reach that last little bit of full extension, actually she does reach it but her tail goes straight for a few strides which is different to how she used to run, not sure how this will affect her jumping ability, we are just coming up to 6 months since her accident, she has done amazingly well and even if she only does the odd "any size" class if she wants too, she has achieved way more than we thought she would, she certainly can lead a normal pet life, if she doesn't come back to agility we will spay her, but if she comes back and can cope then I may still have my dream of breeding one litter from her.....and keeping all the pups myself!!! well she may only have one! If she has more I might let some very special people who still want one from her, so that is something, not sure when her next season will be as she is all out of sink (spelling) but I'm thinking around July time......

If you watch carefully at the end of the clip you can see her do a "head over T" fall, she did them before her accident, so nothing new, just something else to scare you with!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Harry pack your bags!

Well this year, December is our month off from agility well for Harry and Sennen anyway! So to keep the brain cells going we do lots of long walks and lots of trick training when the weather is horrid.

This morning was one of those days, as Harry was trying to get Sennen to chase him and as she is still on lead walking (due to being spayed) thought I had better get the clicker out, so in 5 mins we got this one, which is quite apt as we are also trying to do a group "Drumming" session to "Merry Christmas" song, but we need a little bit more fine tuning for that one as Sennen keeps trying to eat Harry costume...! So he's packing his bags!

Monday, 5 December 2011


For Helen!...a Unimog, but his was yellow rather than sainsbury orange...

I remember whilst growing up, playing in a shed on wheels, so maybe it was something like this, it had a stove in it and tiny cups and saucers and a wind up gramophone (worth a fortune by now no doubt, but I expect with our use was never seen again) it was in Grandma and Grandads garden nestled in amongest loads of apple trees and my cousin Kimmy and I would make up plays to produce for the family to sit around and be our audience. Ha ha the one I remember the most was going to the dentist and having to have a tooth removed! so we tied a long piece of string on to a door and then on to this huge "Paper" tooth and slammed the hut's door ouch...

Well where did that memory come from! funny old things our minds!