Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Photo day...or wordless Wednesday

Juanita took this one of Mindy at Lansdown Racecourse June 2010

Juanita took this of my lovely old lady "Red" running in her anysize course at Lansdown Racecourse June 2010

Jill took this one of Harry at his first ever Champ Final at Tuffley (Berkley Castle) July 2010

Big stretch, Buzz trying to get the toy out of Harry's hot tub!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Three wheels and a jockey!!

Look at Buzz underneath the front...watching Red, fancy that! needed a blooming good clean, so Ian did it, on his Birthday, aahhhhh

whilst I enjoyed my self at a dog show!

Curtains washed and dryed.
Just the cushion left to clean now......

well the "Puffs" had the best idea!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Family meet up's!

Red, at the front watched by Buzz (who's Red's repeat mated 2 years later brother) and Jenna (Red Merle) who's Red's litter sister's daughter ...along with Angela Williams "Free" who sadly is no longer with us (PTS having had fits) the very back is the lovely Rae (many tears pup, who's litter sister is Barrie James's Nessa)

Non of ours (Elaine or mine's Gemthornes) have showed anysigns of fitting...although they are totally bonkers!

So these are the only remaining Gemthornes (Collies) that are doing agility, I say "doing" lightly as Red and Jenna are "doing" and loving anysize (I'm so pleased we have this type of class to keep the olds and missfits enjoying life, until "life" decides otherwise) .....and Buzz (well you know all about his fun agility moments, still on full height for the moment!)

I did see somewhere a Gemthorne Aussie dog competing.......

....and here they all are having fun on Perranporth Beach (you might want to turn the sound down) when Elaine and Family came down for their hols, it's so nice to see them all together, for some reason we've never got them together for a photo shoot! maybe because they don't like to be still for very long the "Gemthornes"

Auntie Freda didn't join us for this trip, just too far for her 16 years old bones.....I love seeing people's old agility dogs, still with them having fun, enjoying their short walks around the ring (having their special time with their owners and the odd tickle and run, they are just all so very special, I certainly wouldn't part with them until the end....

When they walk into our lives they are here to stay whether they do agility or not (except my foster dogs!)

We met Mindy's litter sister the other day, she came up to Lansdown Race course - so you weren't seeing double, except Bella has a beautiful long powder puff coat along with her stable mate Blaze who is a black and white haired puff, actually he is more white and black than black and white...I took a photo of them together, but forgot to take a photo of Blaze...they both look like Chinese Crested, as mine unfortunately get the scissor job and so I get asked all the time what are they!
Oh and Bella has great upright ears..........
I think they would rather do agility than showing, they got rather excited watching the agility!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Just a quick catch up!

Look what arrived in my inbox...two days later!

Ian took me out for a bite to eat last night....not unusual, but for Ian to have a pudding/sweet is.

I think he is stocking up on his reserves, as he goes away on Thursday to help marshall at the Grand Prix at Silverstone!

I did have a photo of this "ultimate SHARING sundae" which he ordered all for himself, before he started on it, but for some reason I cant send it too my computer...Phones!

and for the agility folk.........a few, well actually two video's, one of old lady Red running in any size at Lansdown and Mindy beating her stable mate Harry, in 5-7 Jumping! Bless her she struggled to do the seesaw again, but that's another story!

and Mindy's