Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Still about Mindy..

and why not, she's a very special girl, as we all know it was Valentines day yesterday, Ian is romantic in a funny sort of way, he made Mindy her own sign for the Veggy patch gate, well she was the only one allowed in there last summer, actually it was the safest place for her, so no one could knock her over...she's come along way.

and she loves her Dad, she loves it when he jumps in the shower and waits for the shower to stop and rushes in to lick his legs! Funny girl.. She doesn't do this to me!

Mum will be pleased, I learnt how to "crop" the photo today!


nellie-bean's blog said...

I would think your Ian will be very pleased too....poor chap :-)
Archie does this to me when I step from the shower and when I put moisturiser on my legs. So it isn't the hairs as looking at them Ian's legs are a good deal hairier than mine......x

nellie-bean's blog said...

PS Love the sign. Would he make me one that says 'Beware of the Chickens' do you think. I could stick it on the gate into the bit where they 'rule'.....