Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thank our lucky stars!

Ian thankfully survived this gate, having not been secured correctly blowing open in front of him as he was driving home last night, in the dark on a country lane, he missed the gate, but hit numerous 6-8 inch trees along the side of the Discovery and then stopping passenger side down in a 6 foot ditch, thank god he was in the Discovery and not my little car, it took him a little while to get out and run back to shut gate before anyone actually hit it...
Anyway the Discovery didn't look too bad until the recovery people came to get it out and they smashed the front window and put a chain through the doors to get it out and squashing the drivers side roof at the same time, so it's now a write off, as you can imagine Ian is gutted he has spent may hours and money getting it ready to rock and roll, oh they tried to drive it out and broke the diff too, not sure how they thought they could drive it out with only the two passenger wheels on the ground..but hey they did!
So we went and emptied of our personal belongings, also please that the both end dog guards where in place as they have taken a bashing from Ian's work tools in the back, but he walked away with no broken bones or cuts, so THANK YOU who ever you are looking after him and long may you continue...

Bet the sunroof leaks now! Only those with Discovery will laugh at that one!

Sennen was spayed yesterday too, poor girl she has just had to get on with it, I stayed with her whilst she had her pre-med and was meant to go back sit with her before she woke up and then bring her home, Nikki came from Canine Remedial Massage for Mindy, so I didn't get to pick her up until 12.30. My vets are great, I did tell them that she had started to guard her crate and I was working hard to resolve this and hoped they wouldn't put her in a crate if there were any other dogs in the room with her (she's fine with people) any way when I got back for her there she was sat on a fleece with a duvet over the top of her in reception behind the desk, how nice is that, great vets Rock View, she is resting now with one of Ian's tee shirts on to stop her licking although I have not even had a look at it yet, I am sure once we have stopped flying around and leave it all to someone else, Ian will no doubt stiffen up and I'll have a cry (may be)

It seems to help having a blog to write it all down!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Scary Floor!

Poor Buzz having a scary floor moment, he has been the same for a very long time, he can walk on the floor fine and then one day there's no way you can get him to walk on it...doesn't matter what surface, but today was the dog room floor! after he had been for a lovely stress free walk and he had eaten his bones, there was no way he was coming into the house.
After an hour he came in on his own accord as if nothing was the matter!
No idea what's going on in his head, but he is curled up at my feet, whilst I'm telling you all about him....Love him x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

ahhh, foster dogs and visitors!

Mindy, as you can see is rather a Daddy's girl!
This is Diesel the foster boy, arrived as an urgent case Saturday morning, 6 months old entire boy, great social skills with dogs and humans, nothing that I can see needs working on apart from when he arrived he didn't know how to sit, down etc, but he can now, great these clickers! pulls on the lead, so halti trained now too, we have got a placement in a better foster home as our house is just too small for another big dog from Sunday onwards, but would be nice to find him a home down here in Cornwall, save having to transport him upcountry, he's a collie I expect with something else in there too, he's the size of Sennen, plays tug and loves his balls, ideal as an agility dog or an active pet home.
Our visitor! yep he's black and white blackbird and been with us since spring, hope he makes it through our winter and doesn't get picked on...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

MIndy "Bump Jumps"

It's been a while, I know, I've been busy and time seem to be flying past and I seem to be getting nothing done. The nights are drawing in, teaching is weekends mainly now weather permitting, I do struggle with the ground, it just gets so wet down in this part....

But after a bit of encouragement from various people, I tried Mindy around a circle of "Bump jumps" or is it "Jump bumps" it's old guttering, which ends up doubling up as something I start the veggys off in the green house with!

Anyway we use them just so she doesn't slip on a poles, although she is jumping a lot higher, wider and longer out on her wood walks, this is more controlled so we start low and for me to gain confidence that she is okay-ish, her toy is her reward stationary and thrown.

I did spend the whole time watching her and not sorting out her toy reward in time, I should just get Ian to video and then me just to work her, otherwise we could have an accident because I'm not telling her what she needs to know early enough etc....this is very scary for me, I saw in the flesh she struggles with the grip going around to her left, but it doesn't really show on the video, she is wider in her turns back to me, but maybe she was before the accident, I cant say I remember really, after such a serious accident you do find yourself doing way too much watching every foot step etc.

She is still having her massage sessions, with Nikki Townend from the Canine remedial Massage. Mindy adores her and I mean that, those that know Mindy will be amazed to hear that she likes another person as much as Ian and I, maybe she is just mellowing? Anyway Nikki will be coming this Tuesday, so it will be interesting to see, whether doing controlled circles isn't good or has pulled a muscle/tightened somewhere before I do any more.