Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Well Sennen has done 4 kc shows now and I hadn't got any videos of her runs, she's had a 1st, 2nd and 6th - at Worcester in a jumping class with a blip!! so she is fast enough to compete against the collies, that's one thing I have no feeling of how fast or slow she is, she just "Is" if you know what I mean.
Any way a friend managed to film this one of her jumping class from Sunday, poor girl hits the tunnel hard and takes the tunnel straps of the tunnel which unfortunately is not corrected by ring party before she goes back in for the second attempt and she got caught between the bungee and rubber strap and the force brings her out on her side... apart from that I just drop my drive arm for the tight turn and then she tells me off!
I didn't run her in the steeple chase as her leg was soar from the twang of the bungee still, but we ran the agility at the end of the day and I so wish I had that on video, it was our first "Zone" run and was amazing, she got the weave entry and I crossed behind but really close against the weaves and that phased her and she came out, but boy was that a good run.....

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