Wednesday, 14 March 2012

21 tonnes!

Saw a neighbour down our lane getting rid of some top soil, we've already had 12 tonnes, chucked over the bank, but needed more, some for the veg patch and some to raise this area, so it doesn't flood! So I put on my mini skirt and.... No I'm liar, I actually just went and asked and they turned up with their 3 ton dumper truck and dumped 21 tonnes! that should keep us busy!

Saw this in the week and it made me laugh.

Dog's off to the chiro next week for their pre-season check up, so not a lot happening here, I'm still coughing, damm and blast it, doctors have put me on a "Brown" puffer now.

Lots of shows that really I would love to go to, but I'm not travelling far this year, maybe to Newbury Showground and that's it really, feel a little sad as I love meeting up with my buddies and watching lots of classy dogs and handlers, but hey ho, you cant do everything, maybe I would have thought differently if Mindy was running on full height.

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