Saturday, 25 June 2011

Forced weekend at home!

whilst packing up the caravan for a weekend away, I moved some agility equipment and my back said "No way", so spent the next what seemed like hours, crawling back up to the house on all fours!
Much to Sennen's delight who thought it was a new game of shaping "jumping on my back trick"
So a weekend at home, is meaning lots of pills, not being able to stand, sit or lie down for very long, hopefully be better by next weekend......feel a lot better this evening....Ian gets to watch his grand prix, although he is very good and wears his ear phones, so not to send me totally bonkers. I did manage to go with him for a little walk in the woods with the dogs and they dutifully came back completely muddy, so poor Ian had to do the washing and me the blasting with the dryer, all 5 of them, as you can see the "puffs" are keeping warm inside Ian's jumper and under a fleece...spoilt??

Oh and I forgot Harry's birthday on the 11th June, so took a photo of him in my duvet before we went to sleep, well it was his birthday, but all my facebook friends would have seen it........

Hate it when your minds willing, but your body isn't.......hope it's just short term.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

...Just because, she can!

Had a weekend at home, it was great and relaxing, although we seemed to cram a lot in! from tractors rallies - auctions - to long dog walks - getting the caravan ready for it's summer guests etc.

Lots of things where being sold, from farm machinery, plants, tyres!! as you can see Sennen came too, she always has to walk on things and offers it automatically from tractor seats - to farm trailers etc. We did get some odd looks.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


And here he is: Cookie Monster Gattaca

Mindy has met him before, not that she took any notice of him, Harry and Sennen wanted to play with him, but he had his "Show" head on.......


This short clip was taken Monday after Thames DTC where bless her, she couldn't do any seesaws in the ring. Auntie Elaine came up with a couple of ideas after seeing this video, of which one is practical, this seesaw is weighted by 4 weights, so this morning I took two off and ran her over it, she didn't run right to the end this time, so a result, that I was able to help her with her clicker and treats as a reward, and the second attempt was a lot better and by the 4th and final attempt was perfect, so I will do the same tomorrow and Friday take all of the weights off and see what happens......

It's looking like she will be in season shortly, as she is flirting with Buzz (the boss) and he with her! sooner than I liked, I really wanted her G7 to help sell the pups, but as I have a few people already starting to ask questions, I don't think I should worry about finding homes for them, they will all be powder puff's as "Cookie" is a puff too ....

So I had better get reading the "Book of the bitch" again!

and get my "birthing partner" sorted!...any volunteer's?
Starting to get scary and exciting all at once......

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


...all because I was playing around with my new birthday present (bought with Birthday money) Ipod Shuffle....Sennen decided to take the toy box outside and destroy it, along with the laundry basket!

So I got my other birthday present a great game for the dogs, she tried using her feet, but I insisted she needed to use her mouth to make it harder to solve.....10 mins later all games done!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sennen...go-on work

and here's some fun with Go-on work!

"Sennen" seesaw training.

I decided to teach Sennen the seesaw early on in her life, in a safe environment at home, so we have done a method called, "cram all methods in and see what happens", as you can see she isn't worried at the moment as nothing bad has happened, I wont be letting her take the whole bang until she's around 12 months, so plenty of time to play with it....

I got Ian to help, first of all he ran her up to the seesaw on the lead, she could then run to the end with her toy/treat waiting for her, then as soon as she became comfortable with that, I had her in a wait whilst I went to the end waiting for her....we then progressed onto, sending her into a curvy tunnel, giving me a chance to run to the end and catch it before she had chance to beat me, but soon learnt I was getting close to not getting there before her, so we moved on to another method "bang it" game, where she learn't to pull it down to get back on it and we reward with either toy/treat and eventually I would have her toy/treat waiting for the otherside of some jump wings ...just so she learnt not to always expect a reward on the SS...I then realised most of my work had been done with me at the end, so to help with independence of the SS I added another game, which was, a treat was stuck on the end of the SS (cream cheese as it sticks) and then I would send her from the down part and up to the end whilst I was at the down end and then I'd lower it it down, so I started from the height of a chair then a lower object etc..until she could run from the floor with my foot on the bottom, until she reached the top and it was lowered under control.....and that's it until she is old enough to take the bang...