Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Catch up!

We are saying it with photo's today.
My last couple of posts have been all over the place and not quite how I planned them, but I ran out of time and lost my train of thought, so that was it and I couldn't just stop and not post it once I started be it!

Anyway over the moon with little Miss Mindy who did her first 2 anysize runs and loved every minute, although I did see her look around for her Dad, which is why poor Ian cant come and watch her usually, as she leaves the ring to go and find him, but this show she couldn't leave....such a Daddies girl! anyway she got a clear round in the second run and I ran her without out watching video for that run, just one wide turn, she was 5th behind the large dogs....So if you stop and watch her in the anysize classes I'd love a video of her, I wont ask you, but if you see us just video away...PLEASE, THANK YOU xxx

Been teaching Harry to hold things for longer periods of time, as he hates things in his mouth, he's doing really well. Well, well enough for me to take a picture with my little cheap camera that when you press the button a couple of seconds later it takes the photo...sigh...
He is celebrating having lived for over 5 years in Cornwall......Love his ears.

Well and here's Sennen taking it all in her stride! hummm a tired moment...Rejoyce xx

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