Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wordless Wednesday again!

....Remember the SUN!
This was taken at the last ever "Golden Cap" show, that was a great show, lovely Rosette's and trophy's, great club.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Quick update (whilst Mum's having a snooze)

Start with Mindy - At the weekend I went away which I think did her the world of good, forced resting at home with Ian watching the six nations!

It was great seeing Elaine again, we managed to cram a huge amount of agility/dog talk in and even a little bit of training, she dragged out her folder of G7 champ courses and forced me to sit down and go through them as if I was running them.
I couldn't train Harry as I thought he might be too flat for Sunday, but I recon we might have a go the next time I'm up staying with them.....Bless Bethany she invited me out for her birthday meal with Elaine, Andy and her Tom her Hunk!....I'm sure Elaine's telling me porkies she cant possible be 17 years old all ready, she was only running Red yesterday! Driving lessons soon.....

Chippenham Mini/Midi show, Harry's first Championship show, I only entered the champ and one other class as we all know how tired Harry gets!
It was great meeting everyone after the winter break and actually meeting in person all the "Blogger's" well some of them! I wish Mindy had been with us, but in a way, I was glad she wasn't, so I could watch some of the championship dogs and chat.....

Anyway, Harry did great, considering how nervous I was, how silly is that, but he coped and worked well, it was just ME, I couldn't work out how to make the jumping course part work smooth and actually I only saw one person that made it look smooth and easy and that was Bernadette in the medium class with Zen, there may have been more I just didn't see them! a few people had their dogs spinning in circles before jumps, even just to get the weave entry and I personally was really surprised they weren't faulted for that, as it was a champ class!....anyway we where e'd in the jumping and I remember Dawn saying to me a while ago, to try and find a nice flowy way home, once you'd been e'd, but I couldn't even do that I was so nervous!
anyway the agility was much better although yet again lots of errors on my part and some scary detours! but we managed a clear round....unfortunately I couldn't watch the final as my other run with Harry was up and ready for walking and starting, but I did manage to see where it went and really fancied ago at that.......
Harry's 3rd run was another agility one, and as I had run the contact in the Champ agility I thought I had better train this one, so did......So home I trundled at 1pm and was home before 4pm.

Mindy looked sound, which was great news, but when I walked her on the lead on the Monday, I could still see a slight nod, when on uneven ground....But you know what it's like, you watch and watch and sometimes see things that aren't there! but hey, plenty of time and lots of shows booked, ready for when she's ready.

Mum drove from Dorset down for a few days break, she's staying at the B&B in the village, she arrived earlier than I thought having driven all over Cornwall by the sounds of it, not that she knew where she went!....after having a walk around the garden, she helped me train Harry with his seesaw, after the weekend he scared himself with the heavy seesaw and wanted to bail out, so we are experimenting with trying to over come his fear of it. I'll let you know if it works.......
Anyway today I took Mum to the Eden project we had a fun 4 hours there, we only managed one of the biome thingys, so we will leave that till the next time.....

Here's Mum's Lemon for her GIN!

I think Mum has enjoyed herself so far!

She has taken what I'd call as lots of photos with two of her posh camera's, but I loved this picture the best with my £69.00 one!

Tomorrow if she's up for it, I'm taking her for a walk on a beach with the dogs, I keep forgetting she's 75 ish!

Lets hope it's not raining like it has been today.

I had planned to take her to see Jaimie in his Castle, well it's not really his, he's "just"!!!!! the "Head gardener" there, but that will have to wait until next time.

Oh and here's what to do with your left over "Cats!"

Monday, 15 March 2010

...Should you wrap your "Smalls" up?

Yes I know it was a freak accident and could have been a lot worse....

Now the corner of the digger has a wheel barrow!

But should we wrap our dogs up, in cotton wool?
All mine go out on walks for a least an hour a day, woods, fields, beach and road walking (not all in the same day!) but they do get to run free and are allowed to chase each other and "sent hunt" (yes they come back when called) I do draw the line when they actually chase another animal, except rats, they can do what they like with them!

Harry and Mindy like to chase Birds, I'm usually quiet happy with them doing it around the garden (unless they are doing agility) as I felt it was a safe environment, until this past weekend, when Mindy chased a black bird, down in the bottom garden, she ran under the Disco, turned around came running back and miss jumped a pile of rubble/dirt and then somersaulted into the metal leg of the's above.

The screaming was dreadful, it must of been close on to a minute as I ran the 40-50 yards back up to the house, holding her tightly in my arms, which probably didn't help her!

Ian rushed out and took her from me, she didn't want me to hold her anymore and she must have thought I was inflicting the pain on her, when she had stopped screaming we where able to see that she hadn't cut anything, Ian put her on the floor and she fell over as her front leg was useless, we couldn't feel anything broken and she didn't flinch, so I stuffed her full of Arnica every 30 Min's and she stayed sleeping under Ian's coat on his lap, later on I was able to find a 10p size red bruise on her shoulder, no swelling and after about 3 hours, she was able to weight bere........

and although she is still slightly lame this morning, she is 110% better, we are just waiting to hear from Emma for an appointment.

Last year we ended up putting some bamboo poles in between the slats on the benches, because Mindy had caught her toes in them!

I hope she isn't going to turn out like Buzz, accident prone?

Do you remember Buzz on New Years Day, jumping off the top of this cliff!?
the tide was out and he landed on all fours in the sand!
SCARY times

Saturday, 6 March 2010

It's been a sad couple of weeks, with some great agility dogs, joining Cass, where ever they go!
I always like to think of them turning up again and bumping into them somewhere and getting that look, that makes you think.........I know that look.
Then I change my mind and think of them as "Stars" that I can look at in the Sky's every night and see them!
I now think, you just got to be at peace with what ever you think!

...Who wants a cup of tea?

Ian has managed a few days off-roading, over the past couple of weeks, which by the looks of it, he enjoyed, snorkel fitted and steering guards etc....
I did notice the rear bumper had a chunk missing!
....He said he would go out and wash it when it rained, save having to get the hose pipe out, since then it hasn't rained! nearly 9 days of no rain!
I've not done a lot of agility training which is silly as it's been lovely weather, but having stupidly run on the running machine without any shoes on ....I'm so stupid, I now have a soar ankle and then just as that was getting better I caught Aly stinking cold....ugh.
There is only two weeks before Harry's first Champ class and I feel so unready for it........and think I was silly entering it, but I suppose we can learn from it and move on, we seem to be running around like "headless chicken" together, he's running in the opposite direction too me, Harry is so enjoying running and jumping and that certainly is great to see, I just have to remind my self this time last year he was running out the ring to chat to the girls (4 and 2 legged) so we have come a long way........

Oh forgot to mention, if you go to my "link's" down the right hand side of this page, you can see Harry's latest trick video on Youtube.......