Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Silly Names!

Do you call your dog other names than the one you choose for them?

I have one good friend who dog’s names are just their names! And another who like me has loads of names for their dogs!

So here goes: all silly names are spelt like they sound!

Cassie – our dearly departed, her kennel club name was Cassie Quickstep, other names where, Cassandra Mary, Cassie cucumber, Clippie.

Red’s Kennel club name is Gemthorne Redystedy over, followed by Diddly do, Mrs woo, (Mrs woo because, when she was younger we had a problem with her recall, so we used to shout “woo” and run the other way-it worked) squiderly diddly do, diddles. Oh yes and the Tamworth tart (she came from Tamworth!)

Buzz’s Kennel Club name is Gemthorne feel the buzz, followed by Buzzy Bear, Buzz brain, bumpy bear (coz he is always bumping into things!)

Harry’s Kennel Club name is Bradwen Heads up it’s Harry, followed by Handsome Harry, puff stick (he is a powder puff) puffle, puff the magic dragon! (he came from Wales)

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Where does the time go?

Weekend seem to fly by! And before you know it Ian’s back at work!!

Well, Harry had his last Laser Treatment, he has improved a great deal. Time will tell as we aren’t on full free exercise yet, although signs look good.. Sunday, we went out for a walk on the beach again, taking the foster dog, everyone seem to enjoy themselves although I was surprised by foster dogs lack of interest in the sea and more on the cliff tops ! – no photos forgot the camera

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Fostering dogs!

...It's very hard emotionaly and I felt sure we would never do it again....but here we are a year later and another lost soul arrives!, Arnie our last one, took a long time to "open the doors of life", he had shut down and we where all worried for him, but by the end of week 3 he was eating, sleeping and playing with toys and was ready for his forever home. He now lives up country with loads of friends and we get regular postcards with photos and updates, that's our reward.
Here he is with Red! sitting on Ian's coat, because he was always cold. Bless him.
We will keep you updated with Foster dog number two, later on..........He has only been here a day!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Beach walking!

...What a beautifull morning. We haven't been down to the beach for ages, as Harry couldnt be let off the lead, and I felt so guilty! anyway we got up early Sunday morning and drove 20 mins to the beach called "Harlyn Bay" (spelling), we had the whole beach to ourselves, Red could be as noisy as she wanted and Buzz with his soar pad, could paddle and Harry, well I let him off for a couple of blasts around, they all loved it. The tide was on its way back in, so we just managed to walk all the way along the sea edge to the end of the beach then back to the car next to the cliff edge (but on the sand) by which time there was another dog walker with their huge/tall Springer spaniel. I had never seen frost on the sand before today (except in a builders yard!) it was that hard, even I didnt leave any footprints behind!

...Back to work now! yesterday after training (Hello Gem, kisses from Harry!) I had started digging over the new lawn, clearing any stones/etc. ready to rake it and then plant the grass seed. We filled the trailer up with another load for the tip. Mental list: need to prune a few trees out the front on the drive. Never ending all this work thing, I dont know when I will have time to actually do any paid work!!!!! lunch to cook!

Thursday, 14 February 2008


...Harry had his first ever professional haircut today, he was there for 3 hours! boy does he look lovely - well I think so.!
Buzz cut his pad a couple of evening ago, so no agility or walks for him for a while. Red is fine thou!

Monday, 11 February 2008

.....As promised!

This is what is at the end of our Garden! we fenced it with chicken wire to stop the dogs charging over there to play ball with the locals!

...any excuse not to do any more painting!

I am lagging behind with the painting, the weather has been so lovely, that I have been outside in the garden, mowing the lawns and pruning a few trees. The biggest news over the past week is "the Grave Digger man"! turned up with his digger and did the work that was needed to extend and flatten my agility/lawn and make a place in "the Hump" for the caravan to stay, so we dont have to keep moving it out from behind the sheds everytime someone comes to stay! The extra lawn area gives me approx 6 jumps and weaves down the middle size wise! just in case you need to know, when the grass has grown I will prove it!
I did go to a limit show on Sunday which I had entered with Harry - a long time ago (also had entered Red and Buzz) when the running orders turned up I did get a little upset to see Harry's name up there, knowing I wouldn't be running him, silly me. I am glad I went just so I could put the Fun back into agility for me, I had been feeling a little lost! anyway they where good testing courses, I could work most of the areas from behind and Red had 2 clears, she strugged to turn right (that's her doggy shoulder) in one place so that lost a second in time, for a second run I warmed her up for a lot longer and she was spot on with her turns and other than being 7 years younger she couldn't have worked any better, she was only a second off the first place, so I think if we can keep ourselves fit for the year it will be a fun last year for us both her. Buzz hates me working in front of him and wants to round me up rather than jump the jump, but he also worked well, we did have to do our usual "re-group" in the middle of the course on his first run, his second run he was so close to getting that clear round! but another 5r! he even let me do a front cross/twizzle and a cross behind! Yes, Lisa I did say he let me do a cross behind!!!! and he kept the poles up!!
Harry came for a social which he loved and kept rushing to see his puppy mates, which he had spent all last year playing with, they all remembered each other too! and it was a good test for him to have a walk then rest and walk again, just to see what his soundness was like! he has been 100% sound since Saturday, he is off today for another laser treatment and I'm sure Ros will be over the moon with his progress, so I have entered him into a few jumping classes in April - just in case I can get him fit and jumping by then. ........The blooming spell checker still doesnt seem to be working! sorry folks, but I'm sure you can work it out!? So I suppose I had better go and finish the ceiling in the lounge! and go and take
some photos around the garden!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

....Pancake day!

...We will have Pancake's tomorrow now, as I'm off out with Lisa, nothing exciting just Carn Brea AGM! unless we end up home early, then we might squeeze a few in before bedtime.
Harry had his second Laser treatment yesterday and he looks good, Ros said the stretching has made a difference, so we are keeping them up.
He looks like a real "scruff muffin" at the moment and is desperate for a clip! I have been waiting for the local college to get back to me as they said they wanted him for the students to practise on, which sounded great, so I had been leaving his coat to grow, but boy does it get into a tangle, if you dont brush it every day! So I think I will have to do a pony clip on him!!! watch this "blog" for a photo!

Painting of the lounge and hall are so close to being finished, I cant wait-I seem as usual, to get more on me than the walls and ceiling and I my hair looks greyer/whiter than usual.

I trained both Buzz and Red at Roseland AC last night, they have moved to a lovely indoor venue at Grampound. Red is almost competion fit now, although a little on the tubby side, she worked well although I felt everyone was complaining of her barking! Buzz was his usual self - he is so hard to work and I think he really needs to be an only dog (working wise) he cant seem to retain information, things that he was taught by Ian as a pup he seems to forget from one day to the next. It has taken a year just to bond with him and he is now my dog, (most of the time) he looks to me for guidence as long as Ian isn't around, when Ian is home he is Ian's dog, he goes down into the sheds and helps him with everything.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Laser treatment

...Harry had his first laser treatment today, he was a good boy and kissed Ros, but wasnt so sure of her husband! She said that we would know after 4/5 treatments whether this is the route to follow or surgery! fingers crossed, I have to keep him quiet today and carry on with his 10 min lead walking untill later on, next appointment is on Monday, Ros has shown me some stretchs that I have to do with him twice a day.
Back to the painting then!, that will keep them all quiet, especially as we keep having hail storms! hope it is not like this tomorrow as we have training and it is outdoors. Last day for the babies class. It will be nice if a few of them stay on.