Monday, 30 March 2009

Showing Harry!

...No not that kind of showing, we all know he is the best looking boy around and doesn't need a ribbon to show us!

I've been trying to help Harry turn tighter and show him it can be fun being near me!
I did such a lot of "go-on" work when he was younger, that now I'm struggling to turn him, it's a bit like turning the QE2! So after watching lots of people teaching their dogs to turn and talking to friends, I thought I would give it a go and try some of exercises.

I have been a little afraid, as I didn't know whether he actually couldn't turn tight, after his injury, or it hurts to turn tight, or whether it was a remembered hurt etc.??

I'm still none the wiser, having done the exercises, although I know he can turn tighter at slower speeds and when I'm in his face, but when he gets a bit of speed up and distance, he then goes back to struggling to turn, he seems to be drawn by the other equipment around him, anyway after doing these exercises and others, he doesn't seem to be any sorer on that shoulder, so maybe I just have to stop "babying" him, Yes I know, he is very spoilt and I'm sure I will be told this on Thursday when I have my first private lesson in nearly 2 years! I will tell you all about it when I get back, but here is a clue - it's someone very well known and I have had to save up all my pennies to go and I'm really excited although very, very nervous too.

But I think guys, if you had seen how poorly he was with his shoulder, when he was first diagnosed-you softies out there, would be saying the same? I THINK.

Harry is one of the guys, you would roll over for!

Anyway here is the video of us playing together.

She's a LADY!

....Mindy - The Blonde one - started her first season yesterday!

She's all grown up now, well almost, she is 11 months today.


Monday, 23 March 2009

It's So Nice.....

When, you hear from one of your foster dogs, that they have settled in and enjoying life.

Here is Wilf doing what he was breed to do.

He bought his first bird home! Lots of celebrations that night - so I was told!

Monday, 16 March 2009

"Go On" Mindy !

Just a short video of Mindy who's rapidly heading for her 1st Birthday!

We have three toys she loves, her tuggy, a tennis ball, and a holey latticey ball thingy! really though when we go training we take all three for Harry, as he goes off toys quite quickly, so it depends on what he is doing to what toy is the higher value for him, as for Mindy, well she is just a "give me the darn toy" dog! Bless.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

....Which way's North!

.......This is bit of a long story, but when Ian and I got married 14 years ago, Dad for our first married Christmas together, bought us (well, really Ian) a weather vane, he knew Ian well, as it had to be a Duck!

Well unfortunately we couldn't put it up at our other house as the roof was too steep and you would have needed a "Cherry Picker" to get you up there!

So it has been packed away in the loft for 14 years, until today. We put it up on the sheds roofs, so we can see it from the house and the duck is named after Dad "Sam".

I'm sure if Dad had been alive he would have approved of it's location.

Here is a photo of Ian just finishing putting it up on the shed tonight and just making sure where North is, with his compass

So if you guys hear me saying "which way is Sam facing" you'll understand

You will have to wait to see the finished Duck "Sam" in it's position tomorrow as it's too dark now, to take a photo

Night, Night.

...and here is Sam!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Three March's ago!

From this, in the November (the windiest, coldest winter that Cornwall had had, in 30 years!)

To this the following "Crufts" Weekend in March - nearly 5 months in a two berth caravan!

I can't believe we've only been here at "The Pit" for 2 years!

It's not much bigger than the caravan. But hey, it's only Me, Ian and the four dogs!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New Trick "Bang"

It was raining and snowing today - so we played inside games !!!

This is Harry's second session of "Bang" - He loves this one as he gets to lie down and eat treats, that's his favourite pass time!
I did start to video Mindy doing it, she gets very impatient and flings her legs around, looking more like a dieing fly! but the batteries went dead on the camera, so you will have to wait for that one.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Ian's Home and I haven't cooked tea!

...So It's a quick one!

Here is the finished Small dog table.
Just in case your interested!

I got a bit carried away and decided to make a wobble board too, I made Mindy a cardboard one as a pup, using a cardboard box and a baked bean tin! but as I had some wood left over, I thought I'd make a bigger one, I couldn't work out what to use underneath it to make it wobble, so used an old blue ball!
It's sitting on Ian's wood chopping thingy, as I've been painting it! but you can see the bomber ball screwed to the underside.

...and Thanks to Nancy, for the idea, I can now train my seesaw on my own with Mindy.
She is coming along nicely.