Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The dog's from a different angle!

Mum for Mine and Ian's birthday present, sorted all this out, we will be getting a 19 inch version of the "Planet".....Arent we lucky.

Thank you Mum xx

This PanoScope has been produced by our friends Simon and Martin of Panoscope Limited

This panorama will work best if you click the full-screen button (situated at the left end of the tool-bar at the bottom of the panel above).

Have fun viewing it!


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Oh I do so Love

these five......

I'm just so lucky that they "all" came into my life.

Red, Harry, Mindy, Ian and Buzz.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Saturday was an "Ian Day", I did enjoy bits of it, we walked the dogs and then took Harry and off we went to the local Vintage Tractor Rally !!!!!!

I must admit I was slightly disappointed as Last year was bigger, even had a dog show, ferret racing and Cowboys and Indians!

Non of that this year, but they did have an auction of bits and bobs and Ian had seen a trailer chassis, which would save him making one for the "Off-Road" bike, so we had to stay, unfortunately it went for silly money, by which time Harry was fed up of being taken around the show, especially as it was so very hot, apart from when people chatted to him then he wanted to hump them! BOYS

So we went to visit the Tractors!

Now this is what I call a proper tractor, it's a Field Marshall called Puffin Billy, it sounded great.
I get bored with the boring old red and grey ones but this, I like!

I even told Ian I wouldn't mind going to a few shows with one of theses if we had a caravan!!

There where plenty of stationary engines and a

few old cars from Minis to old Austin's.

Sunday was spent trying to catch up with the garden!

...and trying to buy a caravan, both the real hopeful ones had sold, so that was that, no DIN for us this year as I certainly don't want a week in a tent without a fridge, with 4 dogs and Ian!

I took some cuttings from a couple of plants ready to grow on in pots for next year planting out.

I do hope the spring onions and the carrots hurry up and grow up, I am so getting bored of just lettuce sandwiches! I did have a sneak look at the onions and the bigger ones are almost there, but the carrots are no longer than 1/2 inch, so way too small, but they are turning carrot coloured! Do you know what, I really enjoying eating stuff, that we have grown, it really is satisfying and I can see why Helen with the "Nellie-Bean blog" loves it so much.

Monday, 21 June 2010

...a totally non agility weekend!

Yes I managed a whole weekend of not doing any agility! Not only was it way too hot, it was the first weekend in 5 weeks I had been home, so I owed it to Ian really........

So Ian took me on a lovely long Friday afternoon walk with the dogs, on the "Clay pits" I will look it up on the map later and find the correct name for it but for now it's the "Clay Pit" area, which is what it is, it is in between St Austell/Eden project and Bugle-ish!

Ian had been there the week before and found a lovely swimming lake, which the dogs loved and I'm sure if I had had my cossy I might have jumped in too, the water was so clear and a beautiful greeny blue colour, surrounded by Rhododendrons....We didn't see any one until we eventually got back to the car and hour plus later...So it might be a good spot to go "Wild" swimming!!
...We went out for a meal in the evening as we didn't have time at the beginning of June when it was my Birthday!
We shared a pudding/dessert....ahhhhh!
That was Friday......

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fire engine RED!

...Or post box red, that's it's colour, I always said all Steve needed was an Santa outfit and he could hand out presents to the kids at Christmas!
Well, after many, many, many years, Steve (and Peta, supplying the tea etc) has finished his 90 v8 landrover, I'm sure that's not the real name for it, but it is was a rebuild on a chassis from something old and bits from this and that etc etc.....it's very tall, although this photo doesn't show that too well!

and has big wheels and tyres!

It's got a great sound system and does have a soft top too.

Any way it's MOT and raring to go out and play.... See we live along a byway!

and now he wants to sell it!
and start on bobtailing his disco!

Anyway well done Steve for finishing it...........It looks great in a geekish landroverish sort of way!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Happy Birthday Harry

4 years young today...almost forgot, with all the excitement of packing for another weekend away....
Sorry Ian but I did ask you if you wanted to come, see you Sunday LATE!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Say it with a Video!

Oh and a photo....

Mindy's winners prize photo taken by http://www.dartmoor-animal-photgrapher.co.uk/ at SWAT the week before Hinckley.

Look at her one stepping those weaves, she cant quite do them all, but she tries.....

Hinckely Show at Sandford Hall, Lutterworth

a very long way from Cornwall.....it took 6 hours going up because of the traffic, but only 4.5 coming home with a stop to pick up a foster dog and one to fill up with fuel.

Good job I shared with Aly, both the driving and the cost, made it fun too, we timed arriving just right and camped next to Neil and Sarah, as we only had one fork and no booze (Aly's fault, she was the shopper for this show!!) we even had an air display on the Sunday and an Italian Car show going on in the next field, oh yes and a thunder storm that lite the sky up for a few hours on Saturday night.
Great show, although the ground was rather bumpy for those that tented it....US and far too much sheep poo! wished there had been a closer loo, rather than one block of 5, maybe we where the only ones tenting it, so they where placed for the day Parker's! ....oh and it was far to hot on Saturday......Thank god for the Cool coat (for Harry)...Loved the show and if Aly wants to go next year we will be back.

Red's first Hinckley was on a bowling green campsite, that was fab too except I lost my wedding ring and this time I lost my Daffy duck, now I've had this Daffy for a few years and I was really upset (Aly thought I was being a wee bit sensitive about it and yes I could buy another one, but fancy losing it at the same show I lost my wedding ring! ) so if any of you found a small "Daffy Duck" at Hinckley it's MINE (it's one of those small things that fits on your crocs)

One day I'll have a dog called "Daffy" but too date none have been suited for that name!

...any way here's Harry in the champ class at Hinckley, he did really well, coping with the heat and ME, that weave discrimination will be put up to practise, but I can see what I did wrong, so that's great.....

and a couple of Mindy's run.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Yummy !!!

Lettuce, purple sprouting broch, Spinach, carrots, spring onions........

They can listen to the old CD's and grow slug free, Ian's "plumbed up" a copper ring around the edge of the raised bed and not one slug has munched on them.......

We've had two days of Lettuce in our sandwiches and the dogs have started on the spinach!


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Walking the dogs!

I love these woods, you can walk for hours and not see a single soul! Does get rather muddy in the winter and after just an evening of rain can be bad in places too.....

When you have everyone together you just got to have a photo, although Ian didn't want to be in this shot....good job really as no one was around to take the photo!