Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Do you Think BUZZ missed me?.......

.....I think not! Ian allowed him to sleep on the bed (my side, head on my PILLOW!) and they went on some lovely new walks, which Ian had planned on checking out before we took the rest of the pack.

Ian sent me this photo from his phone on Saturday.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Waggerland HyperSonic

"Oz Twos" to his friends, came to stay Friday with his Mum and Dad, Juanita and Geoff and what a weekend we all had, we managed to fit in two shows, one KC and one unaffiliated one (which I also judged at!)

Oz just showed what a class act he is, after 6 years of no training (due to Juanita's accident, when Oz was only two and had only just started on his second year of competing) He stormed home with a second in agility class on the Saturday and a 1st on the Sunday also in agility. What a dog.

Here is the Star him self....

Thursday, 16 July 2009

...It's Raining again

....As it's raining today, I thought I'd catch up with the blog! We've been on holiday this week, the dogs have had lots of exercise and not much agility, do they mind, I don't think so!

Yesterday, I took the plunge and jumped on the "Zip" wire at The Quarry, near it was great and the view was amazing and to prove it (because no one believes me!) here is the video and a picture!
You can see the Zip wire landing area on the far right hand side, on the far left hand side there is a grass track for the hoover craft training, before people get allowed on the Quarry!

Well worth the money!

In between the rain showers we have managed to cut the grass, so it looks smart for Juanita, Geoff and Ozzy, whom I'm picking up tomorrow morning.

Monday afternoon/night, we drove to Bromsgrove to pick Ian's latest toy, which he bought off eBay, mind you I'll enjoy playing on it too................and "no" it doesn't have a name.

Ian Say's, it's a classic 80's something or other!

The seats comfy!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

...Oh and here's

.......A couple more short clips of Mindy's training sessions this week, just in case your interested!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

.....Decisions Decisions

.....Not felt like "blogging" had some decisions to make and needed to sort my feeling out about them! ......But I've made them, yes it was very hard and yes I was upset.
So here goes, I have managed to tell a few people and each time I have spoken about
it has got easier to come to terms with! ........ how silly have I've's nothing serious or life threatening.

The Decision I've made is, I'm not going to run Buzz any more........there I've said it now. I have found the last 4 years of trying to retrain him to run the way I can (Buzz to go ahead of me) hasn't worked and It was effecting the way I run my others, when at the end of the day he's a runners dog.........So the next decision was what to do, luckily a great friend and her husband both manic runners on the occasion they have run him, love his drive and speed and as the husband (Nick) is with out a dog at the moment, Buzz will be run by him in jumping classes until he retires (Buzz), he has a few agility classes left to do, that I couldn't change over to another class, so Aly will run him in that (if she wants to) and when ever the other can't run the other will run him. Any bigger shows I go to in the future, if they aren't going to it then he will stay at home with Ian and learn to be a blokes dog again.
It was great to watch Buzz come out of a jumping ring with Nick in tow both smiling away and not a spin in sight from Buzz - how cool was that, the scary bit for the "agility world" is Nick has threatened to do something very silly when he has his first clear round, but we can all be thankful it won't be for a while yet!

So on a lighter note, we've had a few shows over the past few weekends and Harry is really enjoying himself and I have even managed to train his contacts at his last show without him falling to pieces! (well his dogwalk) He has won a jumping class towards his G7 at his first G6 show and Red is working well and we both managed to get it together and came home with two clear rounds and a second place.

It's going to be a hectic few weeks, I have my first judging appointment (Non KC as I've not done the course) in a couple of weeks, but I don't think I will have time to worry about it! Juanita and Geoff are coming down to stay for a few days in the caravan, so that should be FUN, Oz Twas is coming too and we might squeeze in a show or two with him at the weekend! Red I'm sure, will turn her self inside out to see Geoff, not sure why she likes him so much!
Red, Merlin and Oz used to all go to swimming lesson together, when we lived back in Bristol, whether that had anything to do with it.

Ian is having a week off next week, so we are planning a holiday! here in Cornwall, doing a bit of sight seeing and maybe a morning or afternoon on the beach somewhere, oh and we have at last got a dentist, so we are fitting that in too. Our buddies from Clifton Agility Club are down for the week too, so hopefully we will have time to meet up and go for some walks or just the pub for a meal and.............

Anyway here's a video to keep you amused until the next time, I did ask Tonie whether she minded me putting it on here, she didn't say Yes or No, so that's okay!

Garden wise - It never seems to stop growing! Fancy that!
So in between the showers I have managed to trim the hedges, pull up a few big brambles, CUT THE GRASS, well actually Ian has been doing that as the Lawn mower is playing up and won't start after you've stopped to empty it! Ian used the "Power Fab" to help dig the trench to put a new water pipe in, that goes across the drive.
The next stage will be to dig up some soil from the drive/garden area ready to put chippings down to make a bigger driveway........and then the "house list" well.............that goes on a bit longer and Longer and longer!