Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Photo's from the weekend

I really Love this photo of Mindy and I, Mindy had a great weekend, getting her first placing in anysize against the big dogs, 55 dogs in the agility (A frame lowered twice) she came 3rd! and 9th in the jumping against 75, she is just so happy at the moment and that makes me very, very happy
Sennen had her first Kc shows this weekend and came home with her first trophy a 2nd!!!!! in g3 agility, 145 in the class but I am sure they weren't all there as the weather wasn't the best! It was a beautiful run but I did have a plan that I would let her take the corners on her own, as I really have no idea how fast/slow she is compared to other dogs and I am so glad I did as she was less than a second behind the winner, she has cracking weaves and can turn on a 6pence when I get my timing right along with her running A frame, her first run should have be given 5r but judge was feeling nice, the jumps where so close together Sennen could hardly get out of a trot.. but hey she waited on the start line, kept all the poles up and did her first push through, haven't taught her that either!

Harry's such a fun happy dog too, I loved this run although I don't think Lisa Hughes the judge did as, that's Harry best mate and he will as proved that day do anything to say hello! he launched off the down plank of the dog walk, it was funny he suddenly slowed down across the top and I looked back to see him air sniffing and off he ran to say hello, came back and did a stonking round after that, as you can see by mine and his face, it didn't matter, agility is meant to be FUN!


Anonymous said...

Wow well done Sennen! xx M

nellie-bean's blog said...

Well one with all of them - and having so much fun x