Monday, 30 April 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Miss Mindy

What an amazing year we've had together, such a little super star, thank you to all her fans out there that have made this past year so very special for us both, no names needed as you know who you are xx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

what's blogger up too

don't know what's happening to the "Blogger" it's doing silly things today, so I might not be able to post this so I'll keep it short!      Poor Harry great photo from Emma, she's really good at taking photos.. Nikki recons he's saying "what ever" think she could be right! but I know really it was because I didn't tell him to turn left until he was in the air and he was going right...silly me...
Look at Miss Mindy she's having a ball.....

Sennen made her debut into the ring well a UKA one, down here in Cornwall, in beginners great start for her and me, I have just chopped all my hair off and forgotten to do a dumby run to see whether I could see or not whilst training, so good job her first run was NFC, she had a ball, grabbed her toy and did the dreaded lap of honour, poor judge whilst I was trying to get the hair out my eyes, not a worry at all, she really is a cool as cucumber type of girl... so next one I ran for real, which made the butterflies go mad.. but I needed to do it and wanted to, she did a great round just one bit I handled not the way I should but I thought I could run... hummm  anyway managed to steer her back on course...  went to get my clear round ribbon to find out we got a trophy too, she WON!   Flipping heck yes I know it was only a UKA, but I have never had a clear round and a win on a first outing before.... and Mindy ran her course and was clear too, she's had a 100% success rate in anysize and only one run was she worried about something, so that was great..

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Happy Birthday Buzz

Buzz turned 10 today, bless him, Buzzy Bear, Buzzwold, horse and anything else you fancy calling him......

Monday, 16 April 2012

Sennen's first ever KC running orders!

have arrived on the door mat this morning, still in shock that I'm not really sure whether we are ready, yep we can do the basics and we are going to learn a lot over the summer, yep she can weave beautifully IMO, A frame still needs work, dogwalk fine ss fine, we haven't done a "pull through" and still haven't shown her, her lead and toy maybe in a bucket... I think we will just learn those bits as we go along, she has been a total joy to teach and far easier than any of the collies or Puffs, will she be fast? don't know hard to gauge against a "Puff" she still prefers standard height to full, so we may just take a bit of time getting used to that, she try's so very hard for me and is so very naughty to live with... She still thinks she can be sneaky and grab her toy before the exercise is finished and runs around saying "you try and get it.. just you try", which then makes me laugh, but no doubt will be PIA in time! hummm

So her number is 305, does that mean anything to me NO, but it does to some people...
This little rescue girl has brought so much fun and joy to our lives...

And I cant thank Nicky and Jackie enough for letting her come to live with us...

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A group photo!

3 posts in one week, must be a record!

But just had to show you this one, Harry, Sennen, Mindy, old lady Red and Buzzy Bear, taken this morning, before we went to the tip with the trailer full of rubbish..

Monday, 9 April 2012

Ian's been busy...

Whilst I'm having fun at agility shows, Ian's been busy on the rainy days! Making a BBQ/ heater to go on the "one day project" of a patio, decking area in front of the bungalow... Clever clogs he recycled a used old gas bottle

Sunday, 8 April 2012

"Mindy" - anysize

Fridays anysize for Mindy, I think the video says it all....

"Mindy" another anysize at Kernow K9

I think you guys may start to get fed up of watching Mindy's anysize, but I DON'T, Sunday's anysize, at Kernow K9, something had upset her in the queue, not sure what, but she recovered quickly, which was great to see, she was running on damp grass after the nights rain and still was able to grip the ground and turn and I must have also got my commands in at the right time too, she seems to get stronger and stronger, which gives me the confidence that actually she is okay... and I'll say it again 9 months ago she was paralysed on 3 legs and the future was very bleak. Just look at her now!

"Harry" at Kernow K9

Harry although he had gone clear all last weekend and on Friday, I felt something wasn't quite right... you really learn to to listen to your dogs in this game of agility, he even won a class last weekend, but I still knew something wasn't right, thankfully, Nikki Mindy's masseur was on hand and as she treats Harry and Sennen too on regular basis, she didn't mind just checking him out and sure enough he had muscle twinge on a back right leg, any way Nikki kindly treated him on Friday for me, Saturday I didn't go to the show and Sunday this is the result, much happier lad, that happy that my winter re-train of dog walk showed up nicely.. Love the lad