Thursday, 30 April 2009

...Another Birthday in April!

Mindy's first day, mad I know, but she came camping with us! Ian seemed to get all the cuddles.

Happy Birthday Mindy
1 today

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Not a Collie in sight .........

We had a friend come to stay with her dogs, So we did some beaches walks, which was great fun!
Unfortunately Buzz was lame (again) so I left him at home with Red for company, I can never leave one behind on their own.

So, as the heading says "Not a Collie in sight" Just Ruby the Shepherd, Hali the BT, Candy the Welsh Springer, mad Mackenzie the Deer hound, 2 Chinese cresties and Poppy the JR.

I love it when friends come to stay, especially the ones that can COOK - Thanks

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Birthday walk!

Well, I actually remembered the "new" Argos £67.00 camera this morning at 7.00am, which is great for me.

So here is a picture of the Birthday Boy on his Birthday and a little video clip of our walk, the sea was so calm and the sky so blue, it was just perfect.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Happy Birthday, Buzzy boy

Buzz is 7 years young on Saturday.

Here he is on the day we bought him home at 7 weeks old, we should have realised then he was going to be a very big boy!

Stood next to Ian, he is almost up to his knee.

......and here he is at 3 months old, yes 3 months old!
We where able to walk around the rings - no one asked how old he was, as he looked 6 months old then!
He was taller than Red at 20 inches and heading upwards towards Cassie.

We ended up having him measured for a laugh, at the world championship Qualifiers at Rugby one year (Red and I where having a go.)
They had a proper measure stick, rather than a hoop and he came in at, just under 25 inches!

.....Bless him.

Thank you Buzz, for showing me how to be patient and for bringing me back down to earth - in the nicest possible way, of course !!!!!!!

Thank you Buzz, for showing me that not all collies want to make it to the dizzy heights of Advanced and are just as happy playing a game of ball or hide and seek in the long grass.

Thank you Buzz - for being My Friend.

Ps. Daddy Rogers says he's taking you and the others for a nice long walk on the beach tomorrow - your favourite place. xxxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

April Sun and Showers!

I cant believe that April has nearly gone for this year!

Here is a short clip of the MAN and Me flapping my arms around in the weaves and using my stop arm for toooo long!
Thank god for videos - I can see all my mistakes.

I do love him so much.

This weekend was the first time that I have been cross with him! Some say I spoil Him and yes your right, I have to change !!!!!
Sunday at K9 Show, he left the ring after jump 1 to go and play/hump the Pap across the other side of the ring ummmmmm. The owners of the two dogs, only bent down to stroke him and wanted me to stop and have a chat with them! like hell he needed to go back in the car out the way, as quick as possible, whether that was the right thing to do or not, it was the only thing I could think of at the time! I was so very sad with him!
The Thursday before the show, he had had his first and only I hope, taste of girls (remembering he is castrated) Whether that had anything to do with it or not?
Anyway when he came out for his other two runs, I had a different dog altogether, I walked the course to the speed I had known him to be, but ended up with this fired up little dog which I had to work the course from behind, there's me thinking I could fit in two front crosses, he went clear, but well out of the places as I was so far behind and unorganised with my handling - great fun thou!
His next round was agility and for the first time in a 11 months of competing I managed to get him to play with his raggy around the ring and he managed to grab it at the end and had another play - yeeha.

So the main question for everyone is, do you know of any herbs etc that I can give Harry to stop him feeling so Sexy!
This is from the Saturday at K9 Show.

...and just so Mindy is not left out, I started a few exercises with her and filmed them, as with Harry I taught this first with bollards/jump wings before adding poles and height.

..and another one.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Play Time at Mum's

We (Dogs and I!) went to Mum's on Wednesday in Dorset.

The weather was great - Spring has Sprung!

Unfortunately the camera has decided that "that's it", so it's going to be a boring blog with no video's or photos for a while, Sorry.