Sunday, 28 November 2010

No time to blog!

...Our three after their walk on a snowy sand dunes at Perranporth, this morning...Mindy's on my lap.
...these are the 6 pups left out of the 11 that still need homes, they are 6 weeks tomorrow, there is a boy and girl in each colour!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Lurcher Annie's Pups anyone!

4 weeks old today I think.......
The bitch is the farmers down the road and she had 11 pups, 6 boys and 5 girls, in the hay rick, he didn't know what to feed them or how to bring them up, so guardian angles Jackie and Nicky at Hawksflight (look at my links bit) bought them into their home and are raising them all...
They will be ready on or around the 11 December, when they will be 8 weeks, they will be microchipped and come with 4 weeks free insurance, they are staying down in Redruth, Cornwall, if any of you blog readers want to know any further details just send me a message and I'll pass on phone numbers etc..
She is such a good Mum...

Look at all those colours...Father unknown
Ian has picked the foxy one, think that is him in this photo on the right! and I narrowed mine down to 3 and "fancy that" they are all lined up on the left is a girl, who is chewing Mums ear in the top photo, next is small grey brindle dog and then the pretty grey and white brindle girl.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

An event without the dogs!

Ian with looooong legs!
Merry go around, do you remember these???

Long body...I don't think I've laughed so much for a long time!

Long Bodies....

You should hear the "Compton Theatre Organ" the chap came and played it for us, he was a great story teller and a great player of this Organ!...I think I could sit in a theatre with a silent black and white movie listening to him tell the story with this Organ! it was brilliant for a first timer.

Any way if you want to spend 3 hours or so, out and about in Devon, I'd say go and see all the old fairground rides in use.......they hire the place out and I recon it would be a great place for a Christmas Party or even a wedding!

Ps. this time of year it's only £3 to get in.....

brown signs off the A30 at Lifton on down, saying Dingles steam Village...
On the way home we walked the dogs on Bodmin Moor, so everyone was happy, we should do this more often, Ian had tears in his eyes with laughing so much with the mirrors, I felt like kid again.....

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

..End of the year photos! the end of the each year I take a photos of the woofits with their achievements, some may seem small to other peoples, but they all mean such a lot to me and are amazing, they all are so treasured, our home is so small (one bedroom) that they cant stay out all year, and end up in the garden shed, well the trophies and first place Rosette's, the rest get bagged up and given away to worthy causes!...but they are all treasured!

Do you have a favourite trophy?

I have a few, over the years....but this year I have two, which standout and they both are Mindy's one was a 2nd place at Wye Valley a hand painted plate, Mindy's first KC trophy (which so happened to be Red's first KC trophy at Supadogs, in 2001, a plate and 2nd place.....spooky) and the best one this year was a first place, that Mindy won at SWAT a photo frame and a picture of my choice from the lady doing the photo's.
Photos at shows are so stupidly expensive these days, even if they are great...I refuse to pay £10-12 for one photo, if they where cheaper I'd buy loads.

Two other trophies which will stay with me for ever, Red won one from the "Voice" crystal end of year "sweety jar" with lid, this one is always in the lounge and Cassie came 2nd in the pairs at Supadog with Kevin and Jansey (starter pairs 2001) and that's Cassie only ever trophy, it's a dog water bowel....I really miss Cass, bless her.

So here are the photos of all the dogs and their prizes.....Poor Buzz, cant cope with photo's especially if Red is watching! ...Look at Mindy, big yawn another photo hater!