Wednesday, 21 March 2012

"Sennen" Running AFrame

last video of the day, Sennen's slow motion running "A" frames, the 3rd attempt wasn't good, so she wasn't rewarded for that one and she knew it, look how slow she comes down the next time, bless her, love the last one.

We used Dawn Weaver method, you need to check her web page out for details or follow the link on the right of this page at the bottom.

She's not quite got all her legs sorted yet, but I must admit I don't train it lots, as she's still only 17 months, actually come to think of it the last AFrame she did was in a private lesson over a week ago!
I'm one of those people that don't train everyday with any of my dogs, they are pets first not machines! WELL MINE ARE.
I just hate hearing that some people not only do their dogs not go for free running walks every day but just get their exercise by doing agility, but also that they train their dogs 5-7 x a week, crazy IMO. Right I'll get off my soap box!

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