Monday, 19 September 2011

"Harry" running part of Barrie James course

Well I'm slowly getting back into training Harry, taken a while to want too, let alone think of a course to put up, so I cheated and used the course (well part off) that Barrie James used for a Crufts Q at Lansdown back in June that I couldn't go too, so thanks Barrie in pushing me to try it out!
Also thanks to Dawn Weaver and her monthly video tuition (which you can find down the right hand side links)which has been great fun to also push me forward with my training, I am starting to enjoy it now and although I have only been to a few shows since Mindy's accident, I am SLOWLY starting to enjoy them too, but give me an excuse to leave and I'm gone! I seem to still feel, "well what I got to aim for, Harry G7?"
I used to be really obsessed with winning this and that, but it just doesn't float my boat any more, been there and done it....

I do get fed up with people saying they were .01 second in front or behind Harry and if they had have got that contact they would have beaten Harry or Joe Bloggs....well you didn't and you didn't so get a life!
I felt really sad hearing another agility competitor last weekend (or was the weekend before) get them self right upset, they had won the class fair and square, beautifully handled, better than I handled it! but said after we all cheered at prize giving, that if such and such had been there, that they would have said they would have beaten I promptly told them well they weren't there, so enjoy that win and anyway you were foot perfect, so I doubt they would have beaten you anyway....Some people really don't know when it's just best to shut their mouths....

Now will I press the publish post button or scrap everything I have just written as I felt I needed to vent that!
Oh well here goes nothing....

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