Monday, 25 July 2011

Physio with Mindy

I thought you might like to see what "Physio" stuff Mindy is up too!
I hadn't put all this altogether in one session before, Mindy has along with Harry and Sennen and any other pup that pops in for training already walked on most of these surfaces before as pups.

Mindy had been walking on a few bits of different surfaces over the past two weeks, wood, grass, shavings, plastic, so just added a few others, Elaine reminded me about bubble wrap and I added the flat tunnel plastic, wood, plastic fencing, foam filled plastic cover, sound proofing out of the disco, ladder (first time) odd bit of material, fleece blanket, roofing felt, cardboard box and tin filled with sand...(thanks Tamsin for that idea) weave poles and a tin.

This session lasted 10 mins, which I'm not sure was too long in one go, although as she was being fed treats all the way around, she didn't seem to get bored and when I stopped she would merrier go off to stand on something for more food! But I swooped this session with one of her 3 x 10 min walks, so maybe I have answered my own question!?
Elaine also suggested maybe better to use cones and poles rather than a ladder as it has a bit more give in it, so perhaps I'll put the ladder away for a few more weeks as I don't have any cones, unless some of you guys want to lend me some !
The session I videoed was from yesterday, Sunday and today is 3 weeks since her operation, she starts the treadmill tomorrow and Thursday she will be having a session of ttouch, if Shona Moon can get near her!

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