Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Harry's Christmas Band!

"Harry and the Potters" Thanks to Anne for the band name, which seemed apted at the time as I was using paint pots, but it made more noise on the tines..
Any way "Merry Christmas" everyone from us all her at "The Pit" xx


nellie-bean's blog said...

That is brilliant - it made me laugh out loud. What stars they are!
Happy Christmas to you and yours Angela. From all of us xx

Angela said...

Thank you, it was blooming hard going as Sennen kept pulling Harry fancy dress and it's elastic, she thought it was really funny, Harry didnt as it pinged against his neck when she let go!

nellie-bean's blog said...

Oh that's made me laugh even more :-) They are such fun aren't they, bless them. Sennen looks like a bit of a rebel doing this (if she could be chewing gum she would be) while Harry and Mindy look like they are giving it their all and taking it everso seriously xx

Shirley said...

Now that I have sound on my computer(somehow the mute box got ticked)I really did enjoy this one. I am full of admiration at your patience in training them! Well done one and all (Ian included)AND a Happy Christmas!