Saturday, 5 November 2011

MIndy "Bump Jumps"

It's been a while, I know, I've been busy and time seem to be flying past and I seem to be getting nothing done. The nights are drawing in, teaching is weekends mainly now weather permitting, I do struggle with the ground, it just gets so wet down in this part....

But after a bit of encouragement from various people, I tried Mindy around a circle of "Bump jumps" or is it "Jump bumps" it's old guttering, which ends up doubling up as something I start the veggys off in the green house with!

Anyway we use them just so she doesn't slip on a poles, although she is jumping a lot higher, wider and longer out on her wood walks, this is more controlled so we start low and for me to gain confidence that she is okay-ish, her toy is her reward stationary and thrown.

I did spend the whole time watching her and not sorting out her toy reward in time, I should just get Ian to video and then me just to work her, otherwise we could have an accident because I'm not telling her what she needs to know early enough etc....this is very scary for me, I saw in the flesh she struggles with the grip going around to her left, but it doesn't really show on the video, she is wider in her turns back to me, but maybe she was before the accident, I cant say I remember really, after such a serious accident you do find yourself doing way too much watching every foot step etc.

She is still having her massage sessions, with Nikki Townend from the Canine remedial Massage. Mindy adores her and I mean that, those that know Mindy will be amazed to hear that she likes another person as much as Ian and I, maybe she is just mellowing? Anyway Nikki will be coming this Tuesday, so it will be interesting to see, whether doing controlled circles isn't good or has pulled a muscle/tightened somewhere before I do any more.

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Helen said...

You'll never fully relax and be able to stop watching her every move. I know I was like that after Henry developed his prolapse disc and Pop kept me in an almost permantent state of hyper-awareness so much so I'd have to force myself to let her just be herself and be happy (inwardly in tense knots). Because of how I lost Henry and Pop, now I watch Nellie and Arch for internal developments as far as possible and I am never relaxed about any aspect of their health. When you love them what you are feeling and me too never goes. As long as we don't stop them being happy, busy dogs it is only our nerves that are a problem :-) Hx