Tuesday, 27 December 2011

That was 2011

We got up early to watch the sunrise on Christmas morning down on the beach at Harlyn Bay, it was lovely and all the dogs had fun, paddling and Mindy got to chase a few birds, so she was very, very happy!

Caught in the act, Harry checking out the presents! Usually they are all under the tree, but bad girl Sennen has spent most of this Christmas break dismantling the tree decorations, so some how I don't think presents under the tree would have lasted a few seconds!

opening up presents, Sennen and Harry, they love the soft toys, but again spoil sport Sennen, disembowels all soft toys and steal every ones so she can have that pleasure, so another note to remember next year, no soft toys, Red loves her lion, poor girl, she played with it for about 20 mins when Sennen spotted it!

Poor Mindy hates every second of present opening and always has done, even when we added treats to them, this is her usual stance at Christmas, poor girl... Bah humbug

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