Wednesday, 13 July 2011

....Out at Porth Jolly!

Sennen out for a few hours with her best mate Holly and her family Sue, Purdy and Tally..Note Sennen's upright ears!

Tally and Sennen, ears starting to go down, at last she is getting tired!

Sennen and Holly

Mrs Woo, old lady diddles...Red, sleeping soundly ( she does now, starting to go deaf, bless her)

And of course Mindy, first day back on some real bones.

She is starting to not enjoy being carried everywhere, especially when we go to go outside all her legs thrash around, she is not meant to do steps just yet, physio is coming on, not sure whether I'm doing enough, but stitches out on Friday, so then it will be over to Hawksland at Wadebridge to see Ros the therapist and hydro, although she wont be swimming, maybe treadmill and spa and hopefully she can point me in the right direction, still doing my version of ttouch using books as reference, not sure whether she would cope with someone else touching her, so will be interesting to see whether Ros can get near her, the vet Fiona doesnt have a problem with her!!

So we can count being a PAT dog off the list of things to do together!!

Ps. Good luck Tamsin with your exams next week.

PPs. Happy Birthday to Auntie Elaine who's 50 today xx

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