Monday, 12 December 2011

"Mindy" on Perranporth Dunes.

It's been a while since you've seen a video of Mindy running!
Mindy loves to Run, you can see she cant quite reach that last little bit of full extension, actually she does reach it but her tail goes straight for a few strides which is different to how she used to run, not sure how this will affect her jumping ability, we are just coming up to 6 months since her accident, she has done amazingly well and even if she only does the odd "any size" class if she wants too, she has achieved way more than we thought she would, she certainly can lead a normal pet life, if she doesn't come back to agility we will spay her, but if she comes back and can cope then I may still have my dream of breeding one litter from her.....and keeping all the pups myself!!! well she may only have one! If she has more I might let some very special people who still want one from her, so that is something, not sure when her next season will be as she is all out of sink (spelling) but I'm thinking around July time......

If you watch carefully at the end of the clip you can see her do a "head over T" fall, she did them before her accident, so nothing new, just something else to scare you with!

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