Wednesday, 16 November 2011

ahhh, foster dogs and visitors!

Mindy, as you can see is rather a Daddy's girl!
This is Diesel the foster boy, arrived as an urgent case Saturday morning, 6 months old entire boy, great social skills with dogs and humans, nothing that I can see needs working on apart from when he arrived he didn't know how to sit, down etc, but he can now, great these clickers! pulls on the lead, so halti trained now too, we have got a placement in a better foster home as our house is just too small for another big dog from Sunday onwards, but would be nice to find him a home down here in Cornwall, save having to transport him upcountry, he's a collie I expect with something else in there too, he's the size of Sennen, plays tug and loves his balls, ideal as an agility dog or an active pet home.
Our visitor! yep he's black and white blackbird and been with us since spring, hope he makes it through our winter and doesn't get picked on...

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