Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Silly Names!

Do you call your dog other names than the one you choose for them?

I have one good friend who dog’s names are just their names! And another who like me has loads of names for their dogs!

So here goes: all silly names are spelt like they sound!

Cassie – our dearly departed, her kennel club name was Cassie Quickstep, other names where, Cassandra Mary, Cassie cucumber, Clippie.

Red’s Kennel club name is Gemthorne Redystedy over, followed by Diddly do, Mrs woo, (Mrs woo because, when she was younger we had a problem with her recall, so we used to shout “woo” and run the other way-it worked) squiderly diddly do, diddles. Oh yes and the Tamworth tart (she came from Tamworth!)

Buzz’s Kennel Club name is Gemthorne feel the buzz, followed by Buzzy Bear, Buzz brain, bumpy bear (coz he is always bumping into things!)

Harry’s Kennel Club name is Bradwen Heads up it’s Harry, followed by Handsome Harry, puff stick (he is a powder puff) puffle, puff the magic dragon! (he came from Wales)


Flowerpot said...

Hello there Ange - Mollie's Mum here. We call her all kinds of names, some variation on Mollie. Moo is the usual one! Sorry we havent been able to come to agility - we are walking an old english sheepdog in the mornings - been doing it for 3 weeks but the owner comes back next Sunday.

Angela said...

Well Hello, Mollie moos Mum - we've missed you both!