Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A Year ago today!

Ian turned up with the Disco and a trailer to pick up the contents of our home in the caravan, luckily Ally and Nick had kindly said we could leave the caravan where it was until we where settled! It took almost 4 hours to pack the trailer and take the 25 min. drive to Queens Pit. But at last our journey for our “New Life in the Country” was on its way and here we are a year on.
We had to sleep on the floor for a few nights until we found the bed! And then the bed was too big for the room, so down to one of the 7 (yes, 7) sheds it went! And we went and bought a new one it was a tough week with not only the move but also poor Cassie had her stitches in and you could see she wasn’t happy, but the sun shone and she found a nice quiet corner she could sleep in the sun. God I do miss her.

Last night I taught at Roseland AC, it was great fun even thou I was a little nervous (I had the agility side) it was so nice to teach inside out of the wind and rain! My group was a right mixture of standards, but the course I set could be adjusted to suit all. I think they all enjoyed themselves, as it was my first time teaching them and most of them had only seen me running my red dogs in the classes with them. Some did go into “can’t handle my dog coz there is a new person in the middle of the ring!” But after a while they all settled down and did some good work. I am so strict with agility contact training, especially when it comes to consistency and contacts, I managed to give them a few pointers to go home and practice! (For those that want to compete)

Foster Dog number two has settled in, causing havoc wherever he goes! I’m told that is normal with the breed! He is similar to Harry in that, wherever he goes he leaves people smiling. I can’t believe it is two weeks.

We had a full weekend (normal) - Ian went mad and cut down a few more trees before the birds start nesting, they where covered in Ivy - more firewood, for our little wood burner. We bought a bag of Pony paddock grass seed, which had lots of rye grass in it, so off we went and planted seed in the new paddock and orange fenced it off, just to help a little bit! But Foster dog doesn’t understand fencing, over/under or through for him! All ours know orange netting goes around the caravan; therefore we shouldn’t go in there!

A whole Year – It just flies by.

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