Monday, 11 February 2008

...any excuse not to do any more painting!

I am lagging behind with the painting, the weather has been so lovely, that I have been outside in the garden, mowing the lawns and pruning a few trees. The biggest news over the past week is "the Grave Digger man"! turned up with his digger and did the work that was needed to extend and flatten my agility/lawn and make a place in "the Hump" for the caravan to stay, so we dont have to keep moving it out from behind the sheds everytime someone comes to stay! The extra lawn area gives me approx 6 jumps and weaves down the middle size wise! just in case you need to know, when the grass has grown I will prove it!
I did go to a limit show on Sunday which I had entered with Harry - a long time ago (also had entered Red and Buzz) when the running orders turned up I did get a little upset to see Harry's name up there, knowing I wouldn't be running him, silly me. I am glad I went just so I could put the Fun back into agility for me, I had been feeling a little lost! anyway they where good testing courses, I could work most of the areas from behind and Red had 2 clears, she strugged to turn right (that's her doggy shoulder) in one place so that lost a second in time, for a second run I warmed her up for a lot longer and she was spot on with her turns and other than being 7 years younger she couldn't have worked any better, she was only a second off the first place, so I think if we can keep ourselves fit for the year it will be a fun last year for us both her. Buzz hates me working in front of him and wants to round me up rather than jump the jump, but he also worked well, we did have to do our usual "re-group" in the middle of the course on his first run, his second run he was so close to getting that clear round! but another 5r! he even let me do a front cross/twizzle and a cross behind! Yes, Lisa I did say he let me do a cross behind!!!! and he kept the poles up!!
Harry came for a social which he loved and kept rushing to see his puppy mates, which he had spent all last year playing with, they all remembered each other too! and it was a good test for him to have a walk then rest and walk again, just to see what his soundness was like! he has been 100% sound since Saturday, he is off today for another laser treatment and I'm sure Ros will be over the moon with his progress, so I have entered him into a few jumping classes in April - just in case I can get him fit and jumping by then. ........The blooming spell checker still doesnt seem to be working! sorry folks, but I'm sure you can work it out!? So I suppose I had better go and finish the ceiling in the lounge! and go and take
some photos around the garden!

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