Sunday, 17 February 2008

Beach walking!

...What a beautifull morning. We haven't been down to the beach for ages, as Harry couldnt be let off the lead, and I felt so guilty! anyway we got up early Sunday morning and drove 20 mins to the beach called "Harlyn Bay" (spelling), we had the whole beach to ourselves, Red could be as noisy as she wanted and Buzz with his soar pad, could paddle and Harry, well I let him off for a couple of blasts around, they all loved it. The tide was on its way back in, so we just managed to walk all the way along the sea edge to the end of the beach then back to the car next to the cliff edge (but on the sand) by which time there was another dog walker with their huge/tall Springer spaniel. I had never seen frost on the sand before today (except in a builders yard!) it was that hard, even I didnt leave any footprints behind!

...Back to work now! yesterday after training (Hello Gem, kisses from Harry!) I had started digging over the new lawn, clearing any stones/etc. ready to rake it and then plant the grass seed. We filled the trailer up with another load for the tip. Mental list: need to prune a few trees out the front on the drive. Never ending all this work thing, I dont know when I will have time to actually do any paid work!!!!! lunch to cook!

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