Friday, 1 February 2008

Laser treatment

...Harry had his first laser treatment today, he was a good boy and kissed Ros, but wasnt so sure of her husband! She said that we would know after 4/5 treatments whether this is the route to follow or surgery! fingers crossed, I have to keep him quiet today and carry on with his 10 min lead walking untill later on, next appointment is on Monday, Ros has shown me some stretchs that I have to do with him twice a day.
Back to the painting then!, that will keep them all quiet, especially as we keep having hail storms! hope it is not like this tomorrow as we have training and it is outdoors. Last day for the babies class. It will be nice if a few of them stay on.

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Lisa said...

Poor little Harry, hope everything goes to plan Angela, you deserve a bit of good luck!!