Tuesday, 5 February 2008

....Pancake day!

...We will have Pancake's tomorrow now, as I'm off out with Lisa, nothing exciting just Carn Brea AGM! unless we end up home early, then we might squeeze a few in before bedtime.
Harry had his second Laser treatment yesterday and he looks good, Ros said the stretching has made a difference, so we are keeping them up.
He looks like a real "scruff muffin" at the moment and is desperate for a clip! I have been waiting for the local college to get back to me as they said they wanted him for the students to practise on, which sounded great, so I had been leaving his coat to grow, but boy does it get into a tangle, if you dont brush it every day! So I think I will have to do a pony clip on him!!! watch this "blog" for a photo!

Painting of the lounge and hall are so close to being finished, I cant wait-I seem as usual, to get more on me than the walls and ceiling and I my hair looks greyer/whiter than usual.

I trained both Buzz and Red at Roseland AC last night, they have moved to a lovely indoor venue at Grampound. Red is almost competion fit now, although a little on the tubby side, she worked well although I felt everyone was complaining of her barking! Buzz was his usual self - he is so hard to work and I think he really needs to be an only dog (working wise) he cant seem to retain information, things that he was taught by Ian as a pup he seems to forget from one day to the next. It has taken a year just to bond with him and he is now my dog, (most of the time) he looks to me for guidence as long as Ian isn't around, when Ian is home he is Ian's dog, he goes down into the sheds and helps him with everything.


MsSnow4 said...

I think those dogs are so cute. Thanks for sharing

Angela said...

...Well thank you, mssnow4