Thursday, 31 January 2008

...Xmas, comes and goes!

...So we kept Harry quiet and decided to start on the lounge! So the gas fire came out and real multi fuel woodburner went in, bought from wonderful Trago (everything seems so reasonable from there.) Then we had to build the fireplace....Sorry, I mean Ian did.
I named it "Thomas", beacuse it looks like a black tunnel with Thomas coming out of it! - do we have a mantle over the top? Yes, so when we found one and put it on the wall, you have to decorate - dont you? decorate meant taking off the wall paper (if you can call it that!), that took nearly 4 days (I did it) It came off quite well, a few pain in the butt bits! Then what colour? in our last house the lounge we had a purple! so for a change we have done it brown and dark brown - still not sure, its not finished yet, another coat needs to go on. I think the galaxy bit needs to be darker, not sure what to do with the colour of the brick around the fireplace now either. What was good is that my Brother Adrian gave us some DIY vochures for our Christmas present - so in affect he has paid for it so far (paint), we are going to paint the skirting boards and door frames a creamy colour too as they where a horrid teak colour.
When the lounge is finished, we will have done the bathroom and hallway too, so only the bedroom, kitchen, utility and sunroom to do!

But we will stop there until next winter.
Stage 2 is outside - We had a big storm begining of December when Lisa and I where on a Massage day with Devon Dogs, which lifted the roofs of the 7 sheds so we need to build some more! Just so we have some waterproof sheds to house all outside stuff. The Bungalow has a very shallow roof, so doesnt have a loft and all our Xmas decoation and camping stuff etc. was kept in one of the sheds! so you can imagine the mess.

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