Monday, 28 January 2008

Introducing the Dogs

Here is Handsome Harry, Chinese crested powder puff!, Harry is yet to compete at agility, but if he does he will be a grade 3

And Big Bad Buzz, who is far too large for a collie standing at 25 inches! and he knows it. (That's as tall as Belgium dog!) .....He plays around at agility and is a grade 5

This is Cassie - who carried the whole world on her shoulders, Bless her, she hated agility-unless she was training with her toy and dogs she knew, bring a different dog into the class, she would put her tail between her legs and not want to enjoy herself! She would love to Que and chat any entire male up.!

......and lastly Red, who is just scrumptious first and a grade 7 (advanced)agility dog next!

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