Wednesday, 30 January 2008

April 2007- December 2007

...I will try and cram it all in! The Sad news was Cassie died in April, she had 5 weeks at Queens Pit, Ian and I are grateful for that, the sun shone the whole of her time there with us - Just for her, she loved to sun bath.

...Such a special dog, she taught us so much about life. RIP Cass our love .

The rest of the summer was spent dog proofing the garden, clearing the jungle bits and painting all the sheds-doesn't sound a lot!'s some photos.

picket fencing took ages, as we did it all our selves and we had to make sure the gaps weren't wide enough for Harry to get through!

.....Whilst still trying to get back on track with a bit of agility too, it was hard trying to do it all. Ian had started a new job and was commuting to Plymouth each day approx 1 hour, maybe longer depending on the traffic.

....This picture shows our other bit of garden which hopefully will be leveled with a digger to make more "lawn" (agility area!)

....It has been hard getting someone in to do the digger work as, to date this hasn't been done and we've been asking people since last august! they say Yes will be with you next weekend, etc etc.

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