Thursday, 31 January 2008

Nearly there!

Harry at 5 months old - his first beach walk!

.....October 2007 - Harry's training was coming on in leaps and bounds, he loves working with me and was excited to run, he loves meeting both dogs and people. We where training at our own club "Redruth Agility Club", where he had started in the puppy class and was also training with "Roseland AC". What a star.

I was training at home with him concentrating on the contacts, A frame and seesaw as we hadn't finished making the dogwalk, we did both these pieces of equipment twice and finshed with a tug game, walked back up to the house, 10 mins later he was lame! .....well this lameness went on and on after loads of anti-infammatries and x-rays/chiropractor and massageing, we where sent off to Exeter to see Peter Attenbourgh (bering in mind all of this time Harry was only lame after rest and would walk it out after 20 paces). The Thursday before Christmas we met with Peter who touched the place that he felt was the trouble - Harry jumped into my arms and said "stay away from me", he x-rayed him and gave him a steriod injection into his shoulder and said 6 weeks on the lead walks for ten mins a day, no playing, no running - great! you folks think its hard keeping a collie quiet - you try a chinese crested powder puff! He has "Bicipital Tenosynovitis" similar to Tennis elbow but in his shoulder. over the next 6 weeks we spent time researching it and asking question, thank god for the "Agility Forum", I came away with lots of question answered and Harry isn't the only dog in the world to have it (even thou I felt like it!) The prognosis is/was that if the steriod injection dosent work then he could have another one, and then an operation to move the tendon over and staple it to the Humus or put the tendon in a sleeve as Sandra Adams dog Flo has just gone through, so the vet was emailed this option as he had not mentioned this one to me - Thanks Sandra....In the mean time I had had an email from Jenny willis who said she and another friend had had the same thing with their dogs and they had Laser treatment and one of the two dogs was fine and other had to have it retreated (another option-that sounded nicer than any operation.)

...any way here we are at week 6! for 4 weeks he was sound with a few blips in the middle but the last two weeks he had been lame, so we are just organising for him to have Laser treatment of which, I should know within 4/5 session whether this will work, he is also having ttouch ( ) and distant Reiki. So we will see, as sandra said "I have or rather Harry has age on his side, so I am going down this route first.

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