Monday, 28 January 2008

...So I have to now try and sum up a year worth of gossip in a few posts........just so you don't switch off!

...It was a bit cramped in the caravan, but it did us well, it didn't leak, we didn't get blown away (too many times!) The awning did end up with a few running repairs.......We where told it had been the wettest, windest winter that Cornwall had had over the past 30 years! ....But it was worth it, we found our new home just after Xmas and moved in at the beginning of March 2007, What a weekend that was filled with so many emotions, on the Friday we where to move, Cassie had a turn and collapsed whilst out walking in the morning, Ian had started a new job so it was left to me pick Cass up and carry her home and get her into the car and too the nearest vets, (we hadn't registered anywhere, as we didn't know where in Cornwall we would end up!) So Cornwall Animal Hospital it was in Redruth, Cass was not a well dog at all, after doses of this and that, we where sent home to see what happened, she made it through the night, but collapsed again the following morning, Ian had put the moving off (as everything was all stored at my Mums so a few more days didn't matter, he managed to rearranged the truck for the Monday), We where sent to the emergency vets with our xrays - which showed a mass/blockaged, they operated straight away and phoned just after we left her to say she had a tumour and they felt it was worth 'having a go' and see if they could remove it! we okaye'd this and went to see her after the operation, she wasn't allowed home until the following day, but she was alive. So, Ian took Harry and Buzz with him and moved all our stuff on his own into our new home around trip of 6 hours, not including loading and unloading. Cass recovered very quickly and had the stitches out 10 days later.

March and April - where hectic, but we had glorious weather to help, we all enjoyed our new home, 3/4 acre garden/jungle!....Home, I used to call it the shed!

But Ian got up set! so it has kept its name "Queens Pit" therefore this blog is called "The Pit"

There is a Methodist's pit at the end of the garden!

which is where the "Pit" comes from and the village is called Indian Queens and that is where the "Queens" bit comes from.

The pit is where you can all sit out on the grass steps and have picnic and preach your stuff!, I must take a photo of it.


Pete said...

would be interested to know if the Shed as you call it is in pit lane near indian queens,and as you say near the preaching pit.And if the pictured property used to be owned by the Cole family?
I once lived in that lane as a child.
regards Peter Crago-Goodman

Angela said...

Dear Pete, I've only just seen this! two years too late!!! maybe you will come across this again....Yes we do live along Pit Lane, not sure if the Cole family owned it, they werent who we bought it from.....