Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mindy first full height.

Well here's Mindy at her first show back on full height, as you can see I'm rather rusty at working her, places I would have got with Harry, even after her accident I cant get with Mindy, I really must do more work with her training, so we are 11 months on from her accident, a dog that was paralysed on three legs, who had to learn to walk again, go to the loo standing up, eat a bone again, to learn how to trot and run free with her friends... she is one very special little dog who against all the odds proved everyone wrong...
I know some people would not have spent the hours of physio we did, the hours of searching through the net to find exercises that could help strength this and that part of her body, to finding people that weren't too far away to help, from the vets who operated on her at Exeter, to our own vet, who taught me so much on how to care for her at home, so she didn't have to stay in the vets, to the water tread mill, to ttouch, to herbal this and that to add to her food, to chiropractic, to all sorts of hands on healing things, to canine remedial massage, all of which I have come to learn about and some of the people that we have met have become very good friends along the way, Mindy and I cant thank you all personally but you can be sure you all have played a part in her recovery, especially our friends.

Mindy has changed to a very loving young dog that can cope with being touched and takes most things in her stride. So a big THANK YOU to one and all xxx

This blog has been such a part of my life and my way of talking about how I feel, with how things are going on with them all etc. I think I would have lost the plot without.....
and maybe one day, I'll write that book I have always dreamed of doing!

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Dani said...

Awwwww :-( xx Lovely Blog xx