Thursday, 25 February 2010

Likely Lad of Valgray

Likely Lad of Valgray
August – ish 1996 14 years ago – February 25th 2010

It’s with great sadness, through tears and heavy heart that I am writing this to let you know that Elaine’s List “Laddy” has gone to join My Cass over the Rainbow Bridge.
He was rescued by John Omlo (down in Cornwall) He had been abused by humans, yet this chap never showed any malice towards anyone, he was a dog you would have always wanted your new pup to meet, he had the best “doggie” skills I’ve ever seen in any dog.

He was a great ambassador to the agility world, he retired from agility with Spondylosis, having had two agility wins to Advance (G7) and countless occasions taking Bethany to Crufts.
Valgray Junior Dog of the Year 1999 and 2000. Burgess Supa Dog Final Winner 2001, Qualified for Agility Dog of the Year Final at Crufts 2002, this is just a small selection of his achievements that I can remember!
But apart from all that, he had amazing soft, long nose, and was a fab guy to live with………
Now Laddy NooNoo, you can go and chew in half as many leads and toys as you like, you can bark as loud as you like, where ever you like (I’m sure he taught “Red” that one!)
And run as fast as you like, chasing all the deer and those darn pesky cows, as you like!
He taught us all so much, Thank you Laddy.
Till we meet again Laddy NooNoo.

Angela, Ian, Red Buzz, Harry and Mindy xxxxxx


Hudsondoglets said...

Ah, bless him. Forever at Rainbow Bridge.

Kenneth H said...

I think he will make good friend of our Maxi at Rainbow Bridge