Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Should have started this......

last year, but just didn't get around to it!

Anyway the green house got moved the day after Buzz ran into it! Hopefully he can't run in to it here.
I took some cutting last year to fill in areas in other parts of the garden, not that I'd a clue whether they would take, or whether I'd done it right, but they did, so I have lots of "Stuff" ready to go out, when it gets a little warmer!

We've made a start on the raised Veg area, 6 x 3 not very big, but we don't really know whether we will be successful at this veggie growing thing! But I've been taking notes from "Nellie-Beans" blog and their's always looks amazing.....mind you I've got to get Ian to eat them first! ......only kidding he will eat the basic veg's, runner beans, tom, spinach, pots, carrots, so we will start with that and "If" we really enjoy it, maybe we will add a few more raised bed areas.

So we have 2 raised beds 6 x 3, second one is just placed on top of the other until Ian moves the "Power fab" digger out the way, the soil has quite a lot of clay in it, so will be adding lots of horse manure and some of our own compost, which has been rotting away for the past three year (as if was here when we moved in, it looks great!)

...along the wall of the shed to the right, we planted in tyres a plum and pear tree, oh and strawberries, which last year never made it to the table as we ate them whilst we where working in the garden! hopefully we can train the plum and pear to go along the wall, it a lovely sunny spot, but a little on the windy side too.....

....any one want a Discovery!
I'm sure Ian would let it go and he tells me I'm a hoarder!

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