Saturday, 6 March 2010

It's been a sad couple of weeks, with some great agility dogs, joining Cass, where ever they go!
I always like to think of them turning up again and bumping into them somewhere and getting that look, that makes you think.........I know that look.
Then I change my mind and think of them as "Stars" that I can look at in the Sky's every night and see them!
I now think, you just got to be at peace with what ever you think!

...Who wants a cup of tea?

Ian has managed a few days off-roading, over the past couple of weeks, which by the looks of it, he enjoyed, snorkel fitted and steering guards etc....
I did notice the rear bumper had a chunk missing!
....He said he would go out and wash it when it rained, save having to get the hose pipe out, since then it hasn't rained! nearly 9 days of no rain!
I've not done a lot of agility training which is silly as it's been lovely weather, but having stupidly run on the running machine without any shoes on ....I'm so stupid, I now have a soar ankle and then just as that was getting better I caught Aly stinking cold....ugh.
There is only two weeks before Harry's first Champ class and I feel so unready for it........and think I was silly entering it, but I suppose we can learn from it and move on, we seem to be running around like "headless chicken" together, he's running in the opposite direction too me, Harry is so enjoying running and jumping and that certainly is great to see, I just have to remind my self this time last year he was running out the ring to chat to the girls (4 and 2 legged) so we have come a long way........

Oh forgot to mention, if you go to my "link's" down the right hand side of this page, you can see Harry's latest trick video on Youtube.......

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