Friday, 5 February 2010

Gail - The BIG 50

"Wordless Friday"

as this post I felt, needed to be on it's own, just for you GAIL.
Happy Birthday

I Know it's not until Tuesday, but as your having a big "DO" tomorrow, I thought I'd do it today!!!

HA HA, see you tomorrow.......


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. Bet the "old lady" you run into tomorrow looks nothing like THAT in her wellies and mucky gear.Nope you may even find out how good I scrub up....... SOoooooo glad you can make it. Travel safe...see you there. xxx

Angela said...
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Angela said...

Gail you always look great in wellies!
See you later xxx

Lel said...

Thanks for coming guys. It was such a great night - seriously, and great to see you. Hope you had a good time too and caught up with the Cliftoners.
I hope you took some buffet out to the poochies.
Best wishes

Angela said...

.....Yes it was fun to see everyone, wish we had stayed for the CAKE!
See you all soon, at a show somewhere! xx

Lel said...

Cake came out at 10.30. Each flavour was equally yummy. The sponges won't keep but would you like me to save you some fruit cake for Kernow?


Angela said...

...I'm glad you tried all the flavours, to know how yummy they were!!!!
No you eat my saved bit and tell me how it WAS! xxx