Monday, 22 February 2010

...Has Spring Sprung?

Well the "daffs" are starting to pop their heads out, if you drive 4 miles nearer to the sea they have been out for a week now!

The Primroses have been out for a while, but this years display wasn't as good as last year, may be because of the deep snow we had....

Sounds like we are due for some more snow or for us down here, no doubt it will be rain instead.
Snow I can cope with, but rain is horrid, everything and everyone, just stays wet for so long, gets to your bones!

Ian has fitted his snorkel and steering guard to his Discovery, I cant take a photo of the end result as he's at work!

We (Harry, Mindy and I) had a limit show at the weekend, Aly and I went together to do a little dumby run before our first camping show! She cooks a great bacon and egg bap! this is my last show, until Chippenham (yes I entered it!)

The idea was to proof all the hard work I had been doing with Harry on his dog walk, we had been having loads of fun with it, with tips from Dawn and wow the difference at home and at club was great, he has just been so happy!

Umm, what can I say, I don't use a word at club or at home for him to stop on the 2o20 position, he just does it until he hears me release him, so when we do a fast release, he just hears the release and that's it, but I think with all the excitement of the show I should have said something, as he was off down the dog walk and gone, I was so shocked, that we carried on! how silly was that! He missed it by a good margin and the Judge was letting everyone that wanted to redo it could.......I just need to be mental prepared for what I'm going to do, I'm so good at telling everyone else what they should do! Nothing I can do about it now, just learn from the lesson......

Harry did 3 runs another shock,he was as fast in the first fun as the last one, so maybe he can do 3 runs a day after all! .....So his agility he missed the dogwalk but his time was only 2 seconds behind the large G7 dog that won the class (without held contacts) and we had a really baggy turn back on our selves (yet again I forgot to use his tight turn command - WHY), His second run I've no idea what happened, I thought the set up line was very tight for a small dog let alone all the large dogs that did the same course, but apart from that, couldn't see why Harry went round the start jump!

Anyway here are his runs (well two of them)

... Mindy, is starting to feel alot better and did lots of nice bits on each of her 3 courses and we did manage to get a clear in the last class, winning it, which we didn't video! Hopefully by the time we go to Chippenham she will be back to her old self!....just hopeing she will be able to cope with the noise.

So here are Mindy's......

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