Thursday, 28 January 2010

"Shut that door" Harry

This weeks trick for the dogs. Well not Buzz as he got to do some agility, as trick training with him is hard work, he barks so much and puts me off!

Harry of course can do anything, so soon learnt what I wanted.

There is only one trick that I'm struggling teaching him and believe it or not, it's the elephant one, where they stand with front legs on a box and move their back legs around it, I did start to wonder whether it was because he wasn't a herdy type dog, so didn't naturally want to be around the front of me when I moved around the "Quality Street" tin of sweets (empty).......but yesterday I had another go at it and just stood next to him whilst he was stood on it and gentle touched his side and he moved away from me, so clicked and hey presto, he is moving about a 1/4 way round the tin!....that was yesterday, haven't done any today.

I'm still using my keep fit program with the Wii, one day I do a mixture of yoga and muscle exercises and the other, jogging, snowball fights etc..........

I've only lost a few pounds, but I am feeling a lot more flexible, I can now touch my toes on some of the yoga exercises, although I am still struggling with the one leg ones and tend to wobble and have to put my foot down, which then I get told off about, at least I can swear at them without offending any one! I am a bit silly really, as I do all this with my jeans on, that can't help "getting your leg up!"

We went agility training indoors with the "Roseland" club last night, first time for nearly 6 weeks. It was great seeing everyone. Harry did a few contacts and a couple of little exercises before I could see he had had enough, the clue was, him running through the tunnel, grabbing his toy and running off to say "hello" Nigel I really love you and where's Lisa! Mindy was great and managed quite a bit, she calmed down to do some nice work, I do think she may be starting to have a phantom (she didn't have one after her last season) She's just been so quiet around the house the last two days and wanting to sleep and have cuddles, so I had better up her exercise, reduce her food (that's what the book says, to help stop phantoms, how true that is?)

Any way the Wii awaits, so I'm off...........


Bandit's Pack said...

Exercising with jeans on? That's like exercising with 3 pound weights on each leg. Hey, maybe you're on to something. I can already see the infomercials now! ☺

Hudsondoglets said...

Love it. I'm going to try to teach it, trouble is all our internal doors have lots of glass. I will have to use the downstairs toilet - not so much fun!